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Produce Produce
Varieties Pineapple Mauritius Queen and Kew
Common Names Pineapples Ananas Juicy Ananas Comosus
Packing Six, eight pieces in a box. As per buyer requirements.
Size 6,8
Availability (season) November to April
Transportation Conditions 7°C for 10-20 days -Controlled atmosphere (3-5% O, 5-8% CO )
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Mauritius pineapples whether in fruit salads, cocktails or tropical fruit platters, pineapples bring a unique flavor that’s vividly expressed in our island cuisine. Pineapples are always welcome at any Mauritian table.

Ananas comosus is a herbaceous perennial plant in the Bromeliaceae family grown for its fruit. The stem of the pineapple is short and stout and has waxy, sword-like leaves with the needle-like edges. Upon flowering, the stem continues to grow and develops the pineapple crown, which is much shorter than the leaf. Many hexagonal units form one large fruit. They are fibrous and have a juicy flesh, which varies from yellow to white, depending on the variety, season and region. The pineapple plant grows up to 6 ft in height.

Suckers, slips and crowns from the mother plant are used as seedlings. The pineapple fruit is native to South Brazil and Paraguay. The pineapple fruit was first domesticated by Indians who spread it across America. The pineapple is said to have been introduced to the East and West African coasts by the Portuguese traders.

Mauritius has an awesomely long and close history with this South American organic product from the Bromeliaceae family. By the nineteenth century, pineapples were under development in Port Louis, where the Jardin de la Compagnie stands today. The natural product – delegated with unbending spiky leaves and an orange strip – is accessible lasting through the year because of the island’s ideal atmosphere, with Queen Victoria being the most well-known assortment. Little and delectable, it has now been sent out to Europe for a long time. 

The yellow prepared tissue mixes well into hot fish dishes and carries extra flavor to flame-broiled meat sticks. In Chinese cooking, pineapples are utilized in prepared sauces just as in hack sueys. To suit the nearby taste, road merchants offer the organic product both every day and cured in saline solution, or with some stew salt and tamarind glue. Understudies and laborers, the same can regularly be seen gathering around the represent a sample of this tempting bite. 

As a sweet, pineapple is regularly served caramelized in dull muscovado sugar, and the natural product strips are cooked and stressed to make mousses and jams. Similarly, as with the papaya, the medical advantages of the pineapple are many, including calming properties and high measures of bromelain and nutrient C when served crude. 

Pineapple is so profoundly established in Mauritian day by day life that it currently includes in sirandanes (neighborhood enigmas) and amusing Creole articulations. A few local people have taken to pineapple stripping as a vocation and transformed it nearly into an artistic expression. To be sure, for the unpracticed, stripping a pineapple is a problematic issue. It takes talented hands-on neighborhood seashores or in the business sectors, and this spiky organic product is changed into a delicious figure inside minutes.

Mauritius pineapples are mainly exported as fresh fruits. Upon maturity, pineapples for export are harvested before they start acquiring their yellow color, which is a sign of ripening. This is to prolong their shelf life as they are highly perishable.

The pineapples are harvested by hand; by cutting the fruit from the stem. The fruit will then continue to ripen off of the main plant.

Mauritius pineapples are packed in aerated cartons, each carrying six fruits not more than 48 hours after harvesting. Before export, they are stored in controlled temperatures of 5degrees to slow down the ripening process. However, pineapples can also be sent as 50% ripe, especially those posted by air.

This platform gives the Mauritius pineapples to the world. It is available from anywhere around the globe, and you can use it to place your order. 


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