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Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya loose patra to the local and export market. We source our Kenya loose patra from family growers in Kenya.

Loose patra, referring to ready, fresh harvested leaves and corms of the plant colacasia esculenta serves as one of the most prolifically tasty of all spicy vegetables to ever emerge from south-east Asia. With a history going back to over seven thousand years ago, the plant which in Indian dialect goes under the name Taro and the dish becomes Arvi or Patra, has been one of a kind. In the subcontinent, all its parts, ranging from roots, corm, stem and leaves have a purpose.

Loose patra attains the name when it is just harvested with no processing or it is in dish form. Then one can say it is ready for sampling with its green, elephant-ear leaves having attained a deep green shade, with vines criss-crossing its surface.

In East Africa, Kenya loose patra is available in relatively dry climes that do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius of temperature and have a low of no less than 10 degrees Celsius. This is because the taro plant does well in warm climes but is easy to propagate in many subtropical conditions to which Kenya belongs.

Before harvesting Kenya loose patra, you require a range of housing and exterior growing conditions that will keep the vegetable under in good conditions throughout the year. You can grow it especially in a local swamp where there is plenty of loose soil and moisture. The propagation happens from tubers or roots of the plant. Actually, the edible tuber looks like a long sweet potato or cassava with twisted ends.

Kenya loose patra also does well in hydroponic solutions or even well-aerated indoor environments with plenty of sunshine coming through the glass and proper pottery for housing it. The leaves usually attain a kind of heart shape when they are at full bloom and are quite enormous. The stalks appear reddish or a hazy green but sometimes it is never amiss to find a black stem. Once fully spread, the taro plant will hit about a meter in height and in spread, including the leaves.
We get our varieties of Kenya loose patra from local family growers who have these kinds:

Uses of Kenya Loose Patra

In Kenya as in India, Kenya loose patra leaves and tubers are necessary for a fulfilling recipe. Cooks stuff them into rice flour while the leaves accompany a rotti or chapati meal. In some parts of southern India, they act as a salad for rice. The Arvi or patra leaf is included in a steamed rice flour dish to make for a sumptuous wholesome meal in northern India.

You can also add spices to complement the already nutty taste of Kenya loose patra to make the meal more gravy-like, meaning one with multiple tastes. In some menus, some gourmets go as far as to include lemon, chili, ginger, turmeric, red chili powder, sugar, coriander and baking soda as well as salt to the patra leaves to make a meal that will be unforgettably flavored. This recipe is common in the northern India state of Gujarat and simply goes by the name patra.

In cyprus, kolokasi chips, a word that derives from Colacasia leaves has made it into the lingo as eating out venues are frying the tubers and cutting them into pieces to resemble potato chips.

The harvesting period happens soon after maturity at 1 year and 6 months of planting. This is when the first tuber crop of loose patra comes. Farmers can expect to harvest three times, yearly, thereafter. Storage practices include cool and dry places to prevent wilting due to cold or weakening from warmth.

The nutritional side of Kenya loose patra is without doubt founded on the fact that it is easy to blend with different ingredients to add on more health benefits. These include the fiber content in the tap root which prevents digestion disorders. The plant also consists of diverse composition of Vitamins A, C, E and B6. Minerals include iron, zinc and coper, among others. The vegetable boosts the immune system courtesy of Vitamin C, lowers high blood pressure courtesy of low fat content and improves blood circulation.

Kenya loose patra may go under diverse culinary approaches all over the world but it takes a personal experience to know how really amazing the vegetable can be. Selina Wamucii is ready to provide clients with fresh supplies of loose patra from local family growers.

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