Processed foods are gaining rapid popularity both locally and globally. People living in cities and urban areas have greatly contributed to the increased demand for processed food products. The main reason behind the catapulting demand of processed food products in the urban areas is the lifestyle led and experienced within these areas.

And it’s easy to understand why. Most city residents have little or no time to cook given the hustle and bustle, traffic queues that will last hours before getting home as well as the need to work hard, daily. Processed food take less time to prepare compared to fresh foods. But there is a catch. While the processed foods promise speed and convinience, you can only be happy to consume them when you know they are healthy. This is why Selina Wamucii is ever keen on the nutritional content of processed foods, to ensure that the quality matches that of fresh food produce. Another key advantage of our processed products is that they have a longer shelf life as compared to fresh produce.

There are many types of processed products you can order from Selina Wamucii. Fom baked beans to olives, granola nuts, sardines, avocado oil, fruit nuts and vegetable diners. The vegetable diners consist of lettuce, french beans, chopped carrots and peas. Other processed products include baby corn, tomatoes, pineapples and other tropical fruits. The Kenyan climate guarantees the quality while our safe methods guarantee 100% food safety.

Selina Wamucii enjoys massive fields where we grow all sorts of important fresh fruits and vegetables; lettuce, French beans, carrots, peas and tropical fruits. We in turn process and export these products to our markets all over the world. The moisture content of our processed products is carefully monitored to ensure the produce can sustain a long shelf life.

We are a reputable company working constantly to ensure global access to nutritionally rich and most importantly safe processed food no matter where they are consumed.