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We provide high quality Ethiopia cotton to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia cotton from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia cotton thrives in the Awash Valley of the country in low to mid-elevation altitudes. It is also one of the most widespread cash crops in the country as it does well in all conducive locales of at least 1000 meters above sea level. The crop grows under both rain-fed and irrigation methods. The main uses of the crop is to process fabric that comes from the cotton wool and the oil that is extracted from the cotton seed.

We source our Ethiopia cotton from the rain-fed areas of Humera and Arba Minch alongside Bilate. We also have family growers in the agricultural Awash Valley where mainly large plantations are the norm. Our sources grow the crop under natural conditions with little or no use of harmful chemicals.

We harvest cotton by removing the leaves from the bolls that will eventually turn into fabric. Our well trained workers handle the bolls by using spindles. The blunt barbs at the ends of the spindles pull out the white sprightly formation from the top of the plant. They then expertly twist the tool in such a manner that the white fabric layer comes off the bolls. They then put the fiber in a clean synthetic textile basket as the picking process continues.

We understand that the value of cotton changes from one location to another depending on the quality of the produce as it is visible in its white, thick formation. For this reason, we pick the seed cotton when it is mature and has no visible damage. We transport the harvest in clean nylon wrappings to keep off any foreign fibers that may come from the use of natural wrappings. We not only pick the plants when there is relative sun but store the produce before further handling in a dry storage area.

The final harvesting process is to deliver the Ethiopia seed cotton to the packing shed. We then put the harvest in bales on top of each other to form solid units known as modules. From far these can have the appearance of a misshapen dough due to their white raised layering.

Much of our cotton as elsewhere in the world consists of two-thirds part seeds and the rest as fiber. We usually de-seed the fabric in a gin so as to leave the wool-like bales that will eventually go into the making of threads and yarn in the export destination. We clean the fiber carefully to remove any remaining foreign material including leaves, sticks and debris. We also align the fibers so that they scan go directly into a spinning plant upon arrival in your destination.

We pack the raw cotton in a condition that will allow for fast and convenient retrieval during fabric making. We pack 24-29.5 millimeters cotton in bales. We also have samples of 24 to 28 millimeters of the J-34 quality parameter. We provide 40 bales per shipping container.

Upon delivery, the bales of Ethiopia cotton come with moisture levels of 7.5 percent. We store them at room temperature in readiness for transportation in long distance vehicles to the port of Djibouti.

Thus, if you are after natural fiber from Ethiopia, look no further than our cotton supply. We source them from the mid-elevation parts of the country where they grow under natural conditions with no chemical sprays. Our family growers also have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) which means that they maintain organic cultivation conditions. You can request for any quantity that suits your specific needs and we will be ready to supply. Our pricing policy is always targeted at your specific budget. Make an order today!

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