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We provide high quality Ethiopia groundnut oil to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia groundnut oil from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia groundnut oil goes by the common name peanut oil. It is a neutral tasting essential oil that comes from the kernels or seeds of the groundnuts. It is a common product for preparing meals. It also features in commercial fat products such as margarine as an ingredient. The nutrition of the oil lies mainly in its mostly lipid fat which indicates cell-beneficial fat and no cholesterol. The product is also rich in Vitamin E for fighting free radicals. It regenerates the skin when applied while the heart benefits when consumed. It also serves as an antioxidant for controlling inflammation and degenerative diseases. It also plays a role in offering immunity.

We source Ethiopia groundnuts for processing the oil in the dry parts of the nation. Our main source is northwest of the country, near the Pawe Agricultural Research Center. Our family growers cultivate the peanuts under organic conditions, which means there is only use of farmyard manure and no sprays.

When processing Ethiopia groundnut oil, we first of all wash the seeds off any stains. We do away with the dust particles, stalks and other leaf materials. Once there are no more impurities, we put the seeds in a position in which they will be ready for pressing. The first stage is to break down the kernels into fine particles. We then condition them by relative heat to keep their moisture levels minimal.

We then insert the final, less moisturized ground particles to the press. This is usually a revolving machine that just screws the fine seeds into tinier particles with every revolution. The great friction is enough to spill the groundnut oil from the press. In most cases, the high heat of the press also makes the rate of oil production high.

We collect the ready groundnut oil in the settling container at the bottom of the press. We then pump it through a pipette or another sieve to the collecting beaker. We collect the crude clear oil unrefined as it is usually at its most nutritious in this condition.

We then pack Ethiopia groundnut oil in either tin or polyester lined (PET) bottles for long-term storage. It also comes in film and nylon pouches that keep it in fresh condition as it were during production. We stock high volumes of the oil at wholesale sizes of up to 15 liters per tin packet. We also pack it in 5 liter PET bottles. You can also avail it in custom cartons with a pouch inside that can hold up to 15 liters.

We store the groundnut oil from Ethiopia in cool and dry warehouses for transportation the same day to the Bola International Airport. Even our vehicles maintain the temperatures of below 5° Celsius during the transportation phase of the essential oil in airtight bottles.

If you are out of stock of your supply of essential oils from the tropics, do not hesitate to try Ethiopia groundnut oil today. We provide the product at custom prices to our clients in Europe, North America and the Middle-east. Because our raw materials come from farmers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates, your are assured of quality. You can start by making an order today while specifying your tonnage!

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