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We provide high quality Ethiopia apple juice to the local and export market. We source the raw materials for the fresh Ethiopia apple juice from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia apple juice has basically the same healthy nutrients as raw fruit because its processing involves no additives or sweeteners. As such, each cup of the juice or concentrate comes with 10 percent of your daily starch needs. It also consists of varying levels of iron, magnesium and vitamin C.

We source our raw apples from the Oromia region and other highlands of Ethiopia for preparing the juice. Most of our farmers have less than 1.5 hectares of land, which ensures organic cultivation practices. They have a record of using farmyard manure for fertilization purposes and no chemical sprays.

The first step before processing Ethiopia apple juice involves thorough washing. We then pack them in bulk bound for the processing venue. We remove the juice through a cold press on the same day of harvesting to improve the shelf life.

We then use hammer mills to crush the thick fruit into particles that can be easy to extract juice from. The crushed pulp then goes into a screw press that repetitively does the finely ground pulp many times until it has exhausted its yields.

Because apple juice is composed of a lot of impurities and coarse materials that mix with the clear fluid, we use filters to sieve off the aggregates. Sometimes it is also necessary to use clarifying materials including pectinol. It dilutes the crude juice without adding any ingredient into it. The material usually leads to brilliant results at temperatures of around 100° Fahrenheit. This way, one can filter the juice through a sieve that leaves the lees. This forms the clear, warm liquid that one sees in apple juice bottles.

We finish processing through pasteurization by putting the crude apple juice into tin containers and then boiling the product under 88° Celsius. This effectively removes any bacteria or pathogen that may have found its way in the handling stages.

We also offer Ethiopia apple concentrate. We usually heat the crude and pasteurized juice severally until the level reaches 71° Brix. This indicates that there is more solid than the liquid content in the product.

We pack Ethiopia apple juice in packing bags or packets of as little as 250 ml and above. We also use glass, PET and plastic bottling that can be as much as 1 liter per package. We then put each airtight container into a bag-in-carton consignment.

We store Ethiopia apple juice between freezing point and 4° Celsius in airtight containers. Our cold room environment is sterilized, darkened, cool and dry to ensure the shelf life stability of the juice. Our transportation takes place in refrigerated vehicles that maintain the same conditions as those of the processing stage.

Because of our commitment to quality, freshness and timeliness, you can count on us to deliver your package of Ethiopia apple juice in a day or two after processing. We guarantee quality by sourcing the fresh fruits from family growers who posses Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. Not only is our quantity tailored to your exact needs, but our prices for the processed product reflect your budget. Make an order today!

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