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We provide high quality Ethiopia grape juice to the local and export market. We source the raw materials for the fresh Ethiopia grape juice from family growers from the country.

Though best known for their wine, Ethiopia grapes also make nutritious juice with both white and wine-colored red types. The grape plants grow in the diverse weather of the Awash valley, Blue Nile belt and the environs of Ziway, a southern town 160 kilometers off Addis Ababa. The country produces the main two varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay which are red and white types respectively.

Grape juice contains no amount of fat which means that the cholesterol level is 0%. The amount of carbohydrates is usually 19 grams, which means this is a good product for energy provision. Dietary fiber in the juice is almost the same as that of the fruit at 3 percent of the daily value. Vitamin C for boosting immunity is usually 6 percent of the daily value.

We clean every shipment of Ethiopia grape fruit before we can start the processing part. We sort out any immature fruits and debris from the leaves and other particles from the field. Our workers then put the mixture into a washing pass that cleans the fruit thoroughly. Our bubble equipment brush away the spots on the skin without injuring the fruit. After removing the fruits from the water flow, we then rinse them carefully for the next stage.

The first step in the extraction of Ethiopia grape juice involves the removal of the attaching stems. Though they are nutritious, stems have about 2 percent of tannin, a bitter but useful nutrient in combating diabetes. However, because they add sourness to the fruit juice, we usually remove these stalks from the berries. We then crush the fruits into fine particles that will the be cold pressed for the juice.

We press the Ethiopia grape juice using a special extractor. The screw processor usually rotates the crushed parts of the fruit to the maximum production levels. We collect the crude juice that is 100 percent pure from the distiller.

Though the cold press is the best process for producing white grape juice, we also make the blended red colored juice. The process is the same as the above only that there is heating of at least 60° Celsius. We sustain this heat level for a quarter of an hour. The aim is to enable the red skin melanin of the fruit to blend completely with the rest of the juice. The resulting liquid is blood red, wine-like juice.

Before packing the juice, we clarify it by heating it to a temperature of 80° Celsius. We then pour it into glass bottles that are new and sterilized. We pack Ethiopia grape juice in PET bottles as well as plastic and tin bottles. Each of the containers comes with an airtight cap and has a quality seal. We then put the bottles in special cartons that can handle multiple liters per package.

We store Ethiopia grape juice under 5° Celsius. This ensures that the product can stay unspoiled for more than a year when stored in a dry, cool and dark place. We transport the product in special trucks to the airport in Addis Ababa under the same refrigerated conditions.

Therefore, if you would like to avail fresh virgin Ethiopia grape juice that looks like wine or the premium white color, do not hesitate to talk to us. We source our grapes from the heart of the southern parts of the country where the family growers have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Our quantity parameters are in terms of tons. Our prices are among the lowest in the region and reflect your budget. Make an order today!

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