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We provide high quality Ethiopia coconut oil to the local and export market. We source the raw materials for the fresh Ethiopia coconut oil from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia coconut oil comes from the now scant coconut growing areas of the Arba Minch climate. The area lies in the southwest of Ethiopia which has different weather patterns that range from tropical to even temperate and equatorial. The trees grow hand-in-hand with commercial crops including flowers and rice.

Coconut produces more oil than most other oilseeds. It can reach up to 68 percent of oil concentration per fruit. Its shelf life is also as lengthy. Unlike other plants with saturated oils, the fat from coconut is also saturated but in a very organic way that ensures the boosting of the good cholesterol (HDL) in the body. The benefits are therefore a healthy heart and low risk of cardiac disease. Its other medicinal uses include keeping the skin and hair shiny. Coconut oil cosmetics are in fact perhaps the best known commercial forms of the oil.

We extract Ethiopia coconut oil by first removing the internal copra from the shell or husk. We first crack the shell with a blunt tool and then use a sterilized knife to remove the interior copra. We then shred the succulent piece into quarter-of-an-inch small segments. We retain the brown covering of the meaty stuff as it has nutrients too.We then keep the pieces in a drying agent to evaporate the water before processing.

We use both a cold press and an expeller press for Ethiopia coconut oil extraction. We first sterilize the press to ensure that it has no pathogens or impurities. We then put the shredded parts into the extractor and turn on the power. The rotation of the screws crushes the fine shreds into smaller pieces until oil is squeezed out. We maintain utility by adding more shredded coconut as the rest thin out.

Alternatively, we use a mechanical press also known as an expeller. This involves the same steps as the above with the difference that a cheesecloth serves as a filtering agent. We twist the cloth repetitively to squeeze the juice out that then settles into the waiting jar. Immediately after collecting the crude coconut milk, we keep it in freezers for cooling and settling.

We pack Ethiopia coconut oil in PET, tin or plastic bottles for delivery to the overseas market. We also have custom flexible film packets that are both eco-friendly and easy to carry. We offer custom sizes of between 100 milliliters, 250 milliliters, 500 milliliters and 1 liter. Each of our carton boxes consists of around 10 bottles or film packets of 1 liter each that total 10 liters. Our labeling indicates a shelf life of 9 months after the date of delivery.

We maintain a room temperate of 21 to 24° Celsius which is the melting point of coconut oil. This ensures that the viscous stuff does neither turn into liquid or hard solid. We maintain the same controlled temperatures inside the transportation truck to the Bola International Airport.

If you order Ethiopia coconut oil from us today, you will avail the product in one to two days depending on your part of the world. All our raw materials come from the coconut belts of Arbi Minch and neighboring Djibouti that have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. Our quantity ranges from a minimum 10 liters carton packages to more than 1000 liters. We tailor our fair prices to suit your specific budget. Make an order today!

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