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We provide high quality Ethiopia castor oil to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia castor oil from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia castor oil comes from a country that has high potential of the castor bean. The crop first grew in ancient Egypt about 400 B.C. The main growing areas are dry regions especially the Asosa Zone, which is in the west of the country near the Sudan border. The legume usually grows as an ornamental-like plant with pods that look strangely like fruits. Many farmers cultivate the plant for its dehydrated oil, and as a source of income.Castor oil functions as an immunity boosting vegetable product with high amounts of vitamin C. Its laxative power during operations is also recognized. It also improves the circulation of blood, heals inflammation on the skins and treats wounds. During childbirth, the product acts as a labor inducer. For people suffering from impaired or blemished parts of the body like gnarled nails or pimpled skin, the oil is a good remedy. The product’s digestive abilities ensure low incidence of constipation.

Prior to processing, we remove the outer shell from the castor bean. We then thoroughly clean the seeds and sort out any plant debris. After several passes in flowing water with strategically placed magnets that stick to any metallic impurities, we then put the seeds into a steam press. The press usually dries the rinsed seeds to ensure they have no moisture levels during extraction. The steaming is actually cooking by air whose purpose is to harden the seeds in readiness for extraction.

We extract Ethiopia castor oil by mechanical press and solvent extraction methods. We use a screw press to cold press the seeds. It rotates several times while it crushes the naked beans. The perpetual rotation squeezes the particles and expels the oil into a beaker beneath the press.

We then filter the collected Ethiopia castor oil in crude form. The filtration process involves the separation of the final liquid while the lees goes back to the machine for round two pressing together with fresh seeds. If the repetitive extraction leads to a bulk filtered stuff that still has oil content in it, we then use a solvent such as the safe hexane to ensure that any remaining oil fully comes out. This can be about 10 percent of the entire dry matter.

We then pack castor oil in plastic bottles of at least 1 liter. We also have eco-friendly and durable PET bottles. We keep the packets in cartons that are special purpose for shipping them. You can request more than 1000 liters of the packaged product at a go.

We store castor oil at temperatures of between 10 and 20° Celsius. This ensures that the nutritious processed product can have a shelf life of more than two years. We also transport the package in the same condition using special purpose trucks on the same day of processing.

You can therefore obtain unrefined Ethiopia castor oil from the horn of Africa country from us at any time of the year. Because our raw materials come from family growers of castor beans with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), our quality is guaranteed. Every time you make an order, you can specify the total tonnage so that we custom process it for you. Our low prices are also quite true to your budget. For more information and to make an order, contact us today!

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