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Varieties Ogaden, Eritrean/Tigray
Packing 25kg for reisins, 1L PET bottles
Storageroom temperature, away from direct sunlight
Size1cm-scm for resins
Season April, October
Transport ConditionsRoom temperature
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Ethiopia frankincense is one of the most exceptional Boswelia olibanum tree extracts that are aromatic in nature and most sought after in the world. Frankincense been available for over 4000 years ago and used to be a significant traded product in ancient Abyssinia in ancient times. Frankincense is obtained from the sap of resin of the Bowelia olibanum tree. It has an attractive woody, spicy smell that is usually inhaled, applied to the skin to cure various diseases and also used in church for burning incense. Frankincense is a very old spice. It was offered to baby Jesus as a gift during the ancient times according to the Hebrew Bible. Other benefits of frankincense include managing arthritis, improving gut function, curing asthma, and even maintenance of oral health, used in church services for spiritual meditation, it is also applied to joint sprain.

Ethiopia has one of the most extensive shrub plantations of the Boswellia olibanum tree. They have existed since ancient times over 4000 years ago as the spice has been used locally all along. Today frankincense trade has been heightened, and farmers have commercialized growth of the spice. The trees which initially grew in the wild are now tended to and taken care of.

There are two distinct types of Frankincense in Ethiopia. The Ogaden quality and Eritrean/Tigray type.

The Eritrean type olibanum is the most widely traded frankincense in the world and is the gum-resin obtained from Boswellia papyrifera. It is the most expensive type and is used for spiritual purposes and meditation.

Ogaden variety has much higher oil content than the other type and has a robust, sophisticated fragrance that is very sweet and earthy. It is also referred to as sweet frankincense.

The frankincense producing tree is a drought-resistant species that grow in marginal lands of Ethiopia even in harsh biophysical conditions.

The tree has been existing since ancient times and is productive until today. Harvesting is done by cutting the tree barks to bleed, then the drops, known as tears, are then collected in sacks of about 25 kgs and sorted to get rid of the impurities. This is done mostly in the months of April and October. Processed frankincense oil is packed in bottles starting from 50Ml to 1000 Ml. Retailers sell it to churches, pharmacies and other local entities.

In Africa, Ethiopia is the largest frankincense producer. It exports mostly to Eritrea, Egypt, Sudan and middle east countries.

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