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We provide high quality Ethiopia ginger lily oil to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia ginger lily oil from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia ginger lily (Hydchium spicatum) is an annual herb that produces beautiful reddish pink, orange or white flowers and grows naturally in the tropics. It thrives mostly in Ethiopia, Central Asia and most parts of China. It thrives to reach a meter in height and its green leaves support the brilliant butterfly-like orange or white flowers. It develops out of a tiny rhizome that then forms many stems that can be transferred to different growing places including houseplant containers.

We harvest Ethiopia ginger lily for its oil when its remarkable blossoms of large flowers reach at least eighteen inches in height. Though family growers use the roots sometimes for cooking, our main concern are the flowers. The blossoms are the reasons the herbs are cultivated as they contain essential oil.

We also harvest the rhizomes for featuring in incense making. In ground form, the rhizome also serves as medicine for tranquilizing purposes.

We use cold pressing and solvent distillation methods for extracting Ethiopia ginger oil. The resultant oil is usually aromatic with a smell like that of cinnamon. It also has some patchouli hints in it but this still makes it a powerful herbal product. We boil the oil within another solvent vegetable oil after crushing the flowers into powder. After seven minutes of oven electrical boiling, we remove it and heat it under a different temperature for another thirty minutes. This leads to the formation of the top layer consisting of ginger oil which we let cool and then use pipettes to suck it out from the other solvent.

We provide essential oil from ginger lily in custom packages of 15 milliliters. It also comes in 30ml, 100ml, 300ml and 1250ml packages in export cartons. The oil consists of cold pressed and solvent distilled 100 percent Hydchium spicatum oil that receives no other form of refining. As our clear labels of the tin, plastic or glass bottles indicate, all ingredients are from natural sources and specifically this specific herb.

We also pack Ethiopia ginger lilies as cut flowers that have only a single-day lifespan for processing per a client’s request. The white butterfly lily blooms, whose name derives from their remarkable moth like appearance, are available in well wrapped poerythelene plastic bouquets. The blooms feature in special packets with water filters that keep them moist against wilting.

Soon after the final processing stages, we pack the oil and then store it under 5° Celsius. In most cases we transport the essential ginger lily oil the same day of processing on custom trucks with cool, dry interiors. We usually aim to deliver the package in a day or two after dispatch to Europe, the Middle-east and other parts of the world.

Thus, if you would like to avail the most aromatic Ethiopia ginger lily oil, do not hesitate to contact us today. We make the product ready within a day of harvesting to ensure that it reaches you while still in its fresh condition. Since our raw materials come from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers, you can only expect 100 percent organic product. You can request any quantity that suits your specific needs. As of pricing, our costs reflect your budget. Make an order today!

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