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Varieties Light, Dark, and Blackstrap
Packing Standard bottles, drums
Season Processed after sugarcane gets harvested between June and December
StorageCool, dry and dark room, 14-19 degrees celcius
Transport ConditionsTransported in room temperature, relative humidity of 91%
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Algeria molasses is a dark syrup which is a by-product of sugar refining. It is suitable for human consumption and contains vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants properties. It is used in baking as a better option to refined sugar, in the brewing of ale, in the distillation of rum, in barbecue sauces, in sweetening and flavouring of food and as a source of yeast production.

Given that it is a by-product of sugar; molasses history is similar to that of sugar. After the first discovery of sugarcane in India during the 1st century, steps were taken into the refining of sugarcane to sugar. Processing cane to produce juice, then boiling until crystallization was developed in India around 500 B.C. and slowly moved to the rest of the world. In the Middle Ages, Arab invaders brought sugar to Spain. Later in the 1700s, sugar beets started being used to produce sugar and consequently molasses, this was because they tolerate temperatures and colder climate than sugarcane. The sugar in the beets is in the vegetable’s root.

Algeria molasses is made during the sugar making process; it comes from sugarcane or sugar beets — the dark syrup results when sugar gets crystallized out of sugarcane or sugar beet juice. The canes or beets get crushed and the juice extracted, then the sap is boiled down to form sugar crystals which are removed from the liquid, the thick brown syrup that is left after the sugar gets removed is what is called molasses. The boiling process is repeated several times; each time, a different type of molasses is produced:

  • Light molasses is a syrup made from the first boiling. It is light in colour, has a sweet taste, and is commonly used in baking. 
  • Dark molasses is a syrup made from the second boiling. It is thicker, darker, less sweet to taste, and used in baking, although it produces a more distinctive colour and aroma. 
  • Blackstrap is a syrup made from the third syrup. It is the darkest and thickest, has a bitter taste, and the most concentrated, making it rich in vitamins and minerals than the other varieties. 

There is also another set of types; un-sulfured and sulfured molasses. The sulfured contains sulfur-dioxide, which acts as a preservative, which makes is less sweet compared to the un-sulfured molasses.

Algeria molasses come from mature sugarcanes. The sugarcane plant takes between 12 to 16 months to fully mature. Sugarcane productivity is higher in tropical climates in Egypt with a temperature of between 32°C to 38°C, with moderate to high rainfall levels of 1100 and 1500 millimetres in total. Sugarcane grows in various types of soil; sandy, clay and loamy soils as well as both alkaline and acidic soils with a P.H. range of 5 to 8.5

Sugarcanes and sugar beets get harvested from farms and directly taken to the factory for processing to molasses, which, when produced, is pumped to large storage tanks, from where the molasses is packed as per clients’ specification.

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