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Produce Ethiopia coffee
Varieties Longberry, shortberry, mocha
Packing 60kg-70kg Fibre bags, valve sealed bags, as per clients’ specifications.
Size 6mm-7mm
Season October, November, December, January, February.
Storage 10-20 degrees celsius
Transportation Conditions Away from frost,10-20 degrees celsius
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The Ethiopian coffee plant is known as Coffea Arabica.

Ethiopian coffee is mostly known for its distinct dazzle fruited and floral flavor. Ethiopia being the seventh-largest coffee producer in the world, also locally consumes half of its own production while the other half contributes largely to the country’s economy.

Coffea Arabica originates from Ethiopia and it produces the most captivating coffee in the world. Just like most coffee plants, it’s short in size, long-lasting and can grow to 12feet  with evergreen oval, dark gleaming leaves. The body of the coffee is not overly strong nor is it harshly acidic making it captivatingly delightful with its incomparable winey and floral scents. 

Ethiopia is the native home for Coffea Arabica. Southwestern highlands where kaffa province is found, is where the plant was first discovered by an Abyssinian goatherd, Kaldi. It is believed that Kaldi came across the plant in AD 850, this came by when he noticed his goats bleating excitedly after they consumed the glowing red berries from a nearby bush. Cultivation of Coffea Arabica is recorded to have begun in the 19th century.

It is mostly grown in Harrar, Limu, and Yirgacheffe. Around sixty percent of foreign income comes from the plant making coffee a big part of the economy, with a rough estimate of 15 million of the residents of Ethiopia playing a role in cultivation and export hence relying on coffee for their livelihoods. Ethiopia is reported to have produced 7.25 million 60 kilo bags this was above post estimate. The case was favored because of good weather conditions, better extension services in the coffee-growing areas, low diseases and adequate rainfall. The United States was the fourth greatest buyer totaling to 11 percent of the country’s export by volume. The major buyers are Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, France, Sudan and the United States of America.

Coffea Arabica consists of three varieties that are, long berry, short berry, and mocha. Considering flavor and highest value long berry takes the forefront and it also possesses the biggest bean. The short berry is considered one of the best products from its region in eastern Ethiopia and it also holds a very distinct and high-grade quality but it’s smaller than the long berry. The mocha is unique holding a special complex chocolatey, spicy and citrus notes. They are identified and known for their bean that contains two seeds.

Coffee beans are harvested once a year. The harvest is usually huge and is done for up to six months. It is mostly immense labor and only hand-picked to ensure ripped and good cherries are picked. The plant requires mild temperatures to survive ideally 15-24 degrees celsius  59-75 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

Picking of the berries must occur two days after the berries have turned bright red before they dry up. The berries will then be transported to the washing stations within 24 hours while farmers from interior regions must sundry the cherries themselves then take off the pods. 

Whole bean coffee or freshly ground beans are packed in valve sealed bags or fiber bags of 60-70kgs. The coffee is then stored in an environment of the temperature between 10-20 degrees. While being transported the coffee is kept completely away from any kind of frost.

Ethiopian coffee is among the best coffee in the world, with this being said, its undoubtedly worth a try. Selina Wamucii platform is here to help you have a taste of the widely praised rich-flavored, Arabica Coffee.

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