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We provide high-quality Rwanda sesame oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda sesame oil from family growers in the country.

Rwanda sesame oil is the extract of the plant whose popular name in East Africa is simsim. The main production method for the yellowish-brown essential oil is through a cold press. Sesame is still a developing crop in Rwanda. Nevertheless, several agencies have introduced farming enters for the crop in the southern states.

Sesame oil is foremost a vegetable oil for culinary purposes. In Rwanda, it helps to make a fine fish dish known as sesame-crusted tuna which they serve with Ponzu side dish. This by-product also features as an ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics. It also lowers blood pressure, maintains cardiac health and serves as a sedative against depression. Its combined vitamin E and antioxidant components also help to cure tumors.

We source the raw sesame for oil production in the southern region. We have partnered with small farmers to grow and harvest the crop in the relatively dry districts of the country’s south. We make contact with family sources with less than 2 acres of land who tend after the crop under farmyard compost. Our partner family growers use chemical sprays under responsible agriculture terms.

We begin production by first harvesting the sesame crop. Soon after the harvest of the pods, we bring these to the threshing point. After the removal of the seeds, we clean them in readiness for the cold pressing of Rwanda sesame oil. Cleaning involves the removal of misshapen, broken and softened seed kernels. We use brushes to remove any clinging soil and dirt stains from the seeds’ surfaces. We then put them into water for final washing. This is followed by a low-temperature roast which helps to cure the seeds of their moisture.

We process Rwanda sesame oil by cold pressing means. The first stage involves grinding the seeds under a roller which turns them into cakes. During this time some oil oozes out. We repeat the process severally until the total oil content is out. We collect the pale yellow or brown liquid in a clean beaker.

The final stage of processing Rwanda sesame oil is the removal of impurities through the filtration process. By now the crude oil has some bits of cakes floating and other foreign solids. These remain behind as the 100% natural oil drips through a sieve into the collection point. We give it a grace period of a couple of hours for it to cool before we can pack it.

We do the packing of Rwanda sesame oil in PET, tin and cantor bottles, each with its clear advantages. For instance, the cantor containers are transparent and made of a material that preserves the product. The PET ones on their part provide perfect cooling and fresh storage throughout the shipping journey. We offer either 250 milliliters or 15 liters. The last measures come in drums. We put one dozen bottles of the 250-milliliter range into cartons and seal them with special company tape. All the packages feature labels of the name of the product, the processing date, the 100 percent natural ingredients and the date of packing.

We store Rwanda sesame oil at the temperature margin of 5 degrees Celsius. We keep it in brown-tinted bottles to ward off light oxidation which may cause discoloration. We transport the consignments via our special refrigerated trucks on the same day of packing. Our expeditious dispatch will usually make it to your destination from Kigali in 24 to 48 hours.

In short, if you are after a long-lasting essential oil, then you need to try our Rwanda sesame oil which we offer in high volume. Whether it is 250 ml, 1 l or 15 l per package, we provide just the right flexible measures that will help for retail and distribution at your destination. To maintain quality, we source the simsim seeds from only Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified areas. We offer the product in high quantities so that we can meet your specific tonnage. We offer the vegetable oil at very fair and affordable prices to two the line with your budget. Make an order today!

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