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We provide high-quality Rwanda sugarcane to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda sugarcane from family growers in the country.

Rwanda sugarcane (Saccharum) or igisheke in Kinyarwanda is the main source of brown granular sugar. Though the country produces less of the cane than the rest of the East African region, it still boasts some 93, 823 metric tons (2016 figures) of the raw produce. The main producing regions include the Nyabarongo swampy area in Kigali Province. There are also select areas in Kayonza and Kirehe districts. Most of the largest plantations are under state management but processing is privatized.

The origin of sugarcane was the south-eastern parts of Asia, especially the Indian subcontinent. Man first domesticated the crop however in Papua New Guinea 8000 years ago.

Despite being a sweetener, sugarcane especially the juice is packed with minerals and vitamins. It has bone-strengthening magnesium, teeth-maintaining calcium and iron for blood oxygen transportation. Other minerals include potassium which helps to regulate blood pressure. The main vitamins present include riboflavin as well as thiamine. The uses of the cane range from production of sugar to the processing of molasses. By-products include bagasse which produces fuel, paper and plastic, among other useful products.

We source sugarcane from Rwanda in the wet beds of Nyabarongo River and in Kabuye where the main factory is situated. We dispense with large plantations and instead work with smallholder farmers with less than 2 acres of land. All our produce comes with less than 0.01 percent residual levels due to no use of chemical sprays at the farms.

We conduct the harvest of Rwanda sugarcane manually. We go for mature canes that have reached around 8 to 10 feet high. We prepare the surrounding by clearing the weeds and vegetation for the easy cutting of the blades. Our well-trained farmhands expedite the process by slashing a bunch of closely-packed canes at the base in one swipe using sharp, sterilized machetes or pangas in Swahili.

We transport the full-length canes through carts to the packing area. Here, we sort the Rwanda sugarcane by healthy appearance and cull out any rotten or diseased stick. We cut the finest into equal sizes. As we size them, we also defoliate them off their stalks. We then wash the pieces in chlorinated water and keep them in boxes, ready for packing.

We pack Rwanda sugarcane in horizontal produce cartons. The interiors of the cartons are lined with polypropylene to promote hydration on transit. We offer between 10 and 20 kilograms of the cut pieces per package. Each one of these has about five cane sticks. We may also offer different unit sizes depending on your custom request. We stick self-adhesive produce labels that indicate the number of stems, the net weight, the packing date and the source.

We store Rwanda sugarcane in well-ventilated rooms away from light to promote freshness and retain color. All stored canes come in polypropylene or polyethylene wrappings to prevent contamination of the severed ends.

We relay the encased Rwanda sugarcane to the airport in Kigali through our custom vehicles. The dispatch from Kigali International Airport makes it to your destination in the space of one to two days.

If you would like a healthier alternative to processed sugar, then our sucrose-rich Rwanda sugarcane will be a definite choice.  We source the produce from family growers who have acquired Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. We keep proper tonnage by ensuring that our farming partners always have a surplus. We extend pocket-friendly prices that we adjust just below the current market rates. You can make an order today!

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