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We provide high-quality Rwanda apple juice to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh fruits for processing Rwanda apple juice from family growers in the country.

Rwanda apple juice is a premium product of one of the most popular temperate fruits. There are low supplies but the state has advocated for the reduction of the fruit’s high retail price by encouraging local cultivation. Like the raw fruit, apple juice is a natural remedy against heart disease due to antioxidants. It lowers the acquisition rate of diabetes and may have abilities to prevent cancer.  It is also possible to prevent asthma by the regular intake of both the drupe and the juice. Nutritionists also recommend the fruit for weight loss.

We source the apples for the production of juice from the Northern Province of Rwanda. Our growers in Gicumbi, Burera and Ngororero, among other regions have taken up the National Produce Board’s (NAEB)’s call to exploit the temperate fruit. They only use government-sourced seeds to grow healthy plants. They maintain their orchards under organic means and spare on pesticide use.

We harvest the drupes for producing Rwanda apple juice in the early hours of the morning. We go for fully ripe fruits that have attained red or lime green color, depending on the variety. The pieces though ripe are still firm as a sign of quality. We deliver the harvest at the sorting area immediately after picking for cleaning.

Before the production of Rwanda apple juice, we wash the fruits. We place them in automated washing trays where they pass severally for thorough cleaning. After they are glossy, we rinse them dry. We then sort them by healthy appearance. We cull any stained, softened or rotten piece. The premium quality selections move on to the first processing stage.

The initial step in the production of Rwanda apple juice is homogenization. This entails the crushing of the fruits into bits using hammer mills. The purpose is to ensure that all pieces are of equal size to maximize on production levels. We move the crushed paste onto the cold press.

We cold press Rwanda apple juice at low temperatures to keep the nutrients unaffected. As the ground pieces rotate, the screw of the cold press squeezes them to produce the juice. The juice collects into a beaker as it flows through the centrifugal apparatus.

The next stage in the processing of Rwanda apple juice is clarification. This involves the removal of foreign materials. The fact that the fruit has a hard flesh means that it may contain many solids that may affect the clarity of the juice. This is why we use pectinol solvent extraction method to clarify the juice. We set the heat level at 37.7 degrees Celsius and heat the crude liquid which is part juice, part solvent. We finally use a sieve to clear the juice even as the solid part of pectinol and debris remains behind.

The final step in the demanding production of Rwanda apple juice is sterilization. This is another word for pasteurization. We employ tin foils inside the crude juice to boil it at 88 degrees Celsius. This temperature below boiling point destroys microbes and enhances the quality of the juice.

We finally pack Rwanda apple juice in PET bottles, tin packets or plastic receptacles. The basic unit is 250 ml but this can go to as high as 1 l per bottle.  We insert the bottles in bags that settle at the bottom of the cartons for ease of handling. Since each bottle is airtight, the bags only help to enhance the quality of the product. We stick the right labels inclusive of the product name, the net weight, the country of origin, its 100 percent natural ingredients and the expiry date.

Our storage parameters for Rwanda apple juice include preservation in vacuum-sealed packets at all times. We place the packages in refrigerated racks at 4 degrees Celsius mean temperature. We expedite the process by transporting the product via our hydro-cooled vehicles on the same day of packing. Give or take, the dispatch from Kigali International makes it to your destination in the next 1 to 2 days.

In short, if you are after one of the popular commercial fruit drinks, then you have our natural Rwanda apple juice. We source the raw fruits for making the juice from family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. All our sources meet your quantity needs by practicing timely harvest schedules at the top of each season. We use designate prices that reflect your budget to make the product affordable to all clients. Make an order today!

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