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We provide high-quality Rwanda grape juice to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh processed Rwanda grape juice from family growers in the country.

Rwanda grape juice is a nutritious by-product of grapes and it resembles the popular grape wine. There is a selection of fruit juice colors to choose from including red as well as white based on the color of the cultivar. Rwanda is not a major grower of the fruit but some convents in the south distribute the seedlings to local farmers. For instance in Sovu in the Huye district, family growers who source the seedlings from the convents reap at least 600 kilos at a go. The main species they grow is Vitis inifera or European red grape.

Consumption of grape juice provides the body with negligible fat content. This is good news for people suffering from high cholesterol. It also comes with a marginal dietary fiber content of 3% per serving which helps with digestion.

We source our raw fruits for processing Rwanda grape juice from the southern district of Huye. Our family growers own less than 2 acres of farming area. They maintain the crop through farmyard manure and dispense on the use of chemical sprays.

We harvest grapes through hand-picking means. Our team of workers makes the harvest when the fruits have acquired a suffusion of purple color with waxy hints, which is an indicator of ripeness. They pluck each fruit carefully from the branch or in clusters when fully ripe. They keep an inch or two of the stalk to enable proper handling of the berries.

We sort the fresh harvest in anticipation for processing Rwanda grape juice by removing stalks off the fruits.  By this time, the stalks have about 2 percent of tannin. This is a poisonous extra-nutrient that is useful in combating diabetes or making industrial tar as an extract.

Just before processing Rwanda grape juice, we clean the fruits and then pound them into tiny bits. We put these into an extractor that rotates and crushes them into paste or cake. We pass the cakes through a screw that squeezes the juice out. This oozes into a collecting beaker. We return the cakes repeatedly into the press until all 100 percent juice exudes from the pulp.

Alternatively, we go for a warm press that helps to extract red blended Rwanda grape juice. We initially crush the fruits into pulp. We then pass them through a heating apparatus at the fair temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. The squeezing of the juice follows this. The process goes on for a quarter of an hour. The reason for this is to enable melanin to stick with the juice and color it red.

We finally take the crude Rwanda grape juice through a clarification process to do away with foreign materials. We heat the juice at 80 degrees Celsius and leave it in the beaker to cool. Packing starts after the liquid has fully settled.

We pack Rwanda grape juice in PET bottles as well as glass jars. Our basic measures start with 250 milliliters and 1 liter. All the bottles come with stoppers for reducing air inflow. We put the bottles or jars inside polyethylene-lined cartons in packages of half a dozen or a dozen pieces for 1 l and 250 ml sizes respectively.  We feature the appropriate product labels including the name, the packing date, type of juice (red or white), the expiry date and the 100 percent natural ingredients.

We store Rwanda grape juice at the basic temperature of less than 5 degrees Celsius. This preserves the product fresh for the next 12 months.

We transport the fruit juice cargo to the airport in Kigali expeditiously via our special trucks that feature hydro-cooling amenities on board. The dispatch requires one to two days to reach your destination.

In short, if you are after a juice that looks like wine, then our exotic, cold-pressed Rwanda grape juice fits the bill. As we source the fruits from our family growers, we insist on supervising the harvest to ensure hygiene during the process. We also deal with family sources with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. We meet your quantity parameter by associating with many family growers who can produce a surplus. Our prices, too, are among the lowest in the regional market. Make an order today!


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