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We provide high-quality Rwanda honey to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh honey from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda honey is unique for coming from tropical equatorial forests lush with eucalyptus and other trees that make the bees’ product natural. Most of these forestlands are not cultivated and thus stay free of pesticides, making the honey low-residual and impurity-free.  Indeed, most of the country’s honey is from wild bees. It features in traditional beer but the country exports it for food preservation and industrial uses. The nation has around 90,000 beekeepers. The European Union gave Rwanda the go-ahead to ship the product directly in 2014 due to the country’s chemical-free beekeeping practices.

Consumption of honey helps the body to assimilate natural sugars that serve as a healthy source of energy. It also reduces the effects of allergies because the pollen bees take from plants enables users allergic to the same plants to consume them after using the honey. It also treats coughs, heals wounds, gives relief from ulcers and eradicates sore throat.

We source Rwanda honey from Nyungwe region, among other parts of this East African nation.  The locals call the product uruyuki in Kinyarwanda. They keep traditional beehives in small patches of forested land. On our part we deal with only small beekeepers with less than five hives per piece of land. We prefer those practicing wild beekeeping practices in plantations where other crops are not grown. This helps to reduce chemical effects on the surrounding trees and nectar sources.

We harvest Rwanda honey under phytosanitary conditions and international standards. Our harvesting crew comes invested in protective clothing from head to foot before scaling hive-containing trees. They start by using safe gas dispensers to smoke out the bees. They then employ crowbars to open the wooden hives. Another safe gas spray sends any lingering bees away from the honeycombs. Each worker then removes the sweet, viscous liquid from the wax combs via sanitized pincers.

Our crew processes Rwanda honey right at the hive by operating an extractor. This apparatus automatically harvest the honey and pours into a drum below it. A cranking tool which the workers operate by hand squeezes out the honey which flows into the drum while the wax remains behind.  The syrup is clarified with cheese clothes which are thin enough to allow only semi-solid liquid through while solid impurities are entrapped.

We may opt to purify the honey further if there is high wax content. A water bath device does the work perfectly. It uses indirect heating apparatus that evaporates unwanted content and lowers the moisture in honey to 17 percent. We go on to clean the collected syrup to remove other stains. We collect the beeswax at a melting zone so that it can feature in other industrial uses such as glue and paint making.

We pack Rwanda honey in pots made of either see-through glass or earthenware. Our basic weight unit is 1.2 ounces. This measure comes in cork-stopped glass or earthen bottles. We also have similar containers of 16.9 ounces. We line the pots’ interiors with polyethylene to reduce losses. We also have traditional design serving spoons in each package made of carved wood. We stick self-adhesive labels of the name of the product, the source, the expiry date, the 100 percent organic ingredients and the packing date.

We store Rwanda honey at the room temperature range of 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. This range helps to maintain the rich golden-yellow color of the natural stuff. Indeed, freezing temperatures discolor the product while heat turns it dark.

We transport Rwanda honey to the airport in Kigali on the same day of packing via custom vehicles. The packages make it to your destination a day or two after dispatch depending on your part of the world.

Therefore, if you are after an exotic agricultural product from the natural forests of the Great Lakes region, then Rwanda honey answers your needs. Not only do our small-scale beekeepers raise their bees under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) terms but do so far away from cultivated areas to reduce contaminated nectar. We keep your quantity request intact by partnering many farmers with a surplus. Despite being a premium product, our honey is quite affordable for every budget. Make an order today!


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