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We provide high-quality Rwanda patchouli oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda patchouli oil from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda patchouli oil is the by-product of the patchouli plant, an aromatic staple that features commonly in cosmetics and perfume industries. Most of the supplies of raw materials come from southeastern Rwanda and Kirehe, among other parts.  In appearance, Rwanda patchouli plant barely reaches three-quarters of a meter high. It flowers into many blooms in purplish or pinkish colors. The original home of the plant was Central Asia but China now leads in global production of the most commercialized cultivars.

The earthy scent of patchouli makes it among the most used oils in the perfume world. There was a time it used to be the main mixing agent for perfumes as it neutralized the scents of the others. In health, it applies in aromatherapy: its smell helps clear the mind and boost the mood.

We source the raw materials for processing the oil from the south-eastern part of the country as well as Kirehe area. Our family growers cultivate the oil-producing plant in metal sheds of small dimensions. Our farmers never exceed two acres under the crop. For fertilizer needs, they manage it naturally with manure. They also abstain from the use of chemical sprays to reduce contamination.

Before oil processing, we supervise the harvest of Rwanda patchouli thrice a year. Harvesting timing begins after 5 or 6 months from the planting date. We go for the three top leaves which we slash with snippers. This trio produces the most scented parts and shoots again every three months after harvesting.

The next preparation before oil extraction is that of sorting and curing the leaves. After we remove the discolored foliage, we do away with stems and debris. We then dry the leaves on wire racks for full exposure to the sun for three months. Artificial drying offers lesser time and we often use it.

We process Rwanda patchouli oil via a solvent distillation method. We, first of all, grind the dried leaves into tiny bits. We then pass these to a press that extracts oil through continuous rotation. We mix the thick liquid that oozes out with a food-safe solvent for clarification. The viscous liquid is distilled through steam. The vapor moves into a condenser which turns it into liquid. The oil settles into a beaker and the purifying solvent remains behind. We purify the oil further through a filtration system after which we collect it.

We store Rwanda patchouli oil in brown but transparent bottles. The precaution of a dark color is to ward off the light from the content. Our bottles can be tin, plastic or glass. We have a basic unit of 250 ml per package but we can offer larger quantities upon request. We indicate in the produce labels the name of the by-product, the formulation (100 percent natural patchouli), the net weight and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda patchouli oil in the temperature maximum of 25 degrees Celsius. We further reduce the effects of this room temperature by dimming storage light to prevent oxidation in the oil. Our transportation means to Kigali International Airport follows the modified environmental conditions. The timeline between the dispatch and arrival at your city is always within 48 hours.

If you are hankering after Rwanda patchouli oil in its yellowish-brown splendor, then you can count on us to supply it. We ensure that the produce comes from family growers who have acquired Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. All our raw materials go through careful handling under phytosanitary conditions while the processing is wholly automated to promote hygiene. We get certifications from the Rwanda Standards Board and Rwanda Agriculture Board to reflect on quality. Our tonnage faithfully marries your specified volume while our prices reflect your tight budget. Make an order today!

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