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We provide high-quality Rwanda corn oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh maize for processing Rwanda corn oil from family growers in the country.

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Rwanda corn oil is the by-product of the most important food crop in the nation. It is the combined output of cold pressing and hexane solvent processing methods. Maize first came to Rwanda in 1960 and since then the crop has grown from strength to strength: in 2014, the production margins jumped by 213 percent. Farmers now harvest 2.5 tons per hectare over the past 0.8 tons in every hectare.

Maize oil is a healthy resource that helps fight diabetes and cardiac ailments. This is because of its triglycerides that are available at 95 percent of the daily needs. Besides these healthy lipids, there are fatty acids that enhance their role.

We source Rwanda corn oil from the northern districts of Burera and Gicumbi as well as all other parts of the country. In these regions, family growers cultivate the crops in 2 acres of land or less. They maintain their fields with farmyard manure and rarely use chemical sprays.

The first step when processing Rwanda corn oil is to harvest the maize. Our produce agents go to the fields to supervise the picking of the corn ears. Based on the cultivar, the picking dates vary. However, we always give the ears time to turn dry and leaves to yellow. We select cobs with less than 17 percent of moisture. Our trained workers take out the cobs from the stalks by a light pull. They then thresh the maize to remove the grains in ISO-certified processing venues.

We start the process of producing Rwanda corn oil by washing the grains. We also sort out the debris, broken pieces, dirt and leaves. We go for another take to eliminate any unobserved debris.

We boil the threshed grains in tanks filled with water at the fairly high temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. The process known as steeping takes place in 2 ½ days or at most 3.4 days. Once the seeds have undergone sufficient softening, we take them out in their bloated form before we crush them into tiny bits. This helps to release the germ of the seed and separate it from the other parts.  To fully release the germ, we put the crushed paste into a separator machine: it lets the starch-rich germ float off and leave the other seed parts.

Now begins the processing of Rwanda corn oil in earnest. This is the process of milling starch out of the separated germ. We accomplish this by just washing the germ whereby the starch floats away and is collected. We then extract oil from the germ that now is free of starch.  We do this by cold-pressing. The germ rotates under an extractor which squeezes as much as 50 or 60 percent of oil from the germinating part. To remove the remainder, we intensify the process with hexane, a safe solvent that extracts as much as 99 percent of all oil.

We let the crude oil cool before packing it. We pack Rwanda corn oil in PET bottles that have a darkened but transparent exterior. They store the yellow oil in measures of 1-liter net weight. Our other containers are drums which come with a capacity for 15 liters. We put the packages in horizontal cartons which can contain a dozen bottles at a go. We attach labels that indicate the name of the oil, the 100 percent natural ingredients, the packing date, the expiry date and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda corn oil in a cool, dry place away from light. We maintain 5 degrees Celsius or below. We convey the maize by-product to Kigali International on the same day via our refrigerated trucks. The dispatch will ideally make it to your destination in the space of a day or two after that.

Indeed, if you are after the nutritious by-product of the first grain in sub-Saharan Africa, then you have our Rwanda corn oil to count on. We source the maize and conduct the harvest ourselves from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farms. We undertake phytosanitary processing under the supervision of Rwanda Standards Board (RSB). We prioritize on quantity by having ready grain suppliers throughout the year. On top of that, our prices are quite fair and competitive. Make an order today!


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