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We provide high-quality Rwanda fruit mixtures to the local and export markets. We source the raw materials for processing Rwanda fruit mixtures from family growers in the country.

Rwanda fruit mixtures are the naturally processed clear and blended juices of various berries and drupes. Most processing centers are based in the major fruit-producing areas. These include Nyagatare and Kayonza in the east, Ruhango and Huye in the south and Gicumbi and Ngoma.  The most popular fruits that feature in juice production include avocados, mangos, strawberries, apples and pineapples. The main extraction methods differ depending on brix level needs but cold pressing and solvent extraction methods lead the way.

We source various fruits for making Rwanda fruit mixtures across the nation. For mangoes, we go to Rusizi. For avocados, we look in Southern Province particularly Huye district. For apples, we head to the cooler regions of Northern Province.  For pineapples, we focus on Gakenke and Ngoma districts.  Premium fruits that experience shortage including apples and strawberries sometimes come from neighboring countries.

On our part, we process Rwanda fruit mixtures by availing the raw materials and harvesting the fruits through our produce agents. These representatives guide the workers on the correct identification of ripe fruits. They also direct on the correct brix levels depending on the firmness or softness of the harvest-ready pieces.

We offer Rwanda fruit mixtures in multiple-ingredient forms. First of all, we process each fruit singly before we blend it with the next.  Each unblended juice is known as ‘nectar.’ It comes with 30% puree or high brix level. It mixes with similar ‘nectars’ from other fruits. Not only are the blended juices healthy but they leave an aftertaste that certifies the meticulous concentration of the ingredients.

We also have ‘squash’ juice, which is a mixture with more than 25% pulp. This type of Rwanda fruit mixtures may have a bit of water mixed in it or just equal doses of other fruits’ squashes.  For extending the shelf life, we may opt to blend the syrup with a small quantity of sugar. This not only enriches its sweetness but preserves the juice.

Our third option is clear Rwanda fruit juice mixtures. This is a natural concentration that has a bigger juice part than pulp.  Among the clear fruit juices, we have ‘cordial.’ It is a clear squash but has no sweeteners. There is also ‘syrup’ which is a cordial only that it can have high doses of sweeteners.

We process the majority of Rwanda fruit mixtures through cold pressing. We also have an alternative method of solvent extraction. We process each juice individually until the pasteurization stage where we mix them. We heat the blended content at 80 degrees Celsius to sterilize it. Most of our blends come naturally with no additives. However, upon request, we add sugar not just for sweetening but preserving the product.

We pack Rwanda fruit mixtures in PET bottles, glass jars, plastic containers and tin cans. We have various measures with the basic one being 250 ml per bottle. We also have drums with high unit sizes. We secure each dozen bottles in corrugated cartons with film linings for ease of handling and preservation. All our packages feature designate labels of the name of the mixture, the fruits blended, the 100 percent ingredients (and sugar if any), the net weight, the country of origin and the expiry date.

We store Rwanda fruit mixtures at the low temperatures of below 5 degrees Celsius. We keep them in airtight, vacuum-sealed bottles away from the oxidation effect of light.

We transport Rwanda fruit mixtures to the international airport in Kigali on the same day of packing via hydro-cooled vehicles. The dispatch usually reaches you in the next one-two days.

Whether it is a squash, a cordial or a clear blend that you want, all are now available courtesy of our natural Rwanda fruit mixtures. We source the fruits for making the drinks from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farms. We do our processing through phytosanitary methods including sanitized equipment. As of tonnage, you can avail as much as you want as we strive to produce a surplus. We also make the deal accessible by extending very low prices. Make an order today!

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