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We provide high-quality Rwanda avocado oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh fruits for making Rwanda avocado oil from family growers in the country.

Rwanda avocado oil comes from the Persea Americana fruit. The oil-containing pulp retains much of the oleic acid that has made the table fruit a worldwide favorite for natural skin nourishment. The country has all major varieties including Hass, Eittenger and Fuerte. The main production methods for oil include cold pressing and solvent extraction.

Rwanda is still developing its avocado sector and has quite a high potential according to the country’s agriculture Ministry. In 2017, the nation in the Great Lakes region of Africa produced some 141, 130 tons of the fruit. Its initial processing plant for the fruit also came up in the same year — the country slated to start to export its processed avocado on the large-scale in 2019.

Avocado oil has 30 percent of oil content worth of the total dry content of the fruit. It is rich in cardiac health promoting-oleic acid and metabolism-enhancing vitamin B-6. It also keeps away arthritis and cures gum disease. The amount of oil in the avocado seed is 2 percent. The skin comes with just 7 percent of the oil.

We source Rwanda avocados from all over the country including Huye, a southern district. Here, our family growers cultivate the trees in orchards next to other tropical fruit trees. They use mulch and manure as organic fertilizers. They also keep off chemical sprays to reduce residual buildup.

We harvest the fruits for processing Rwanda avocado oil early in the morning hours before the rising of the sun. We use both hand-picking means and bamboo poles with catching baskets to harvest the far-off fruits. We cart away the produce to the processing venue for sorting and oil extraction.

We process Rwanda avocados through both cold pressing and solvent extraction methods. With cold pressing, we aim to produce extra-virgin avocado oil. We begin by air-drying the fruits, cutting them into pieces and then pounding them into a paste. The malaxing of the paste then lasts for 60 minutes at a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. The high smoking point of avocado oil counteracts this temperature and no nutrient is lost.

We then pass the malaxed mash of Rwanda avocado oil into the hydraulic system for heating. The essence is to melt it and separate the oil part from the water. The oil floats on top inside the distiller and we scoop it from the denser water. We pass the oil to a cooling beaker before packing while the water undergoes recycling.

With solvent extraction, we initially dry the fruits. This precaution does away with 65 percent of moisture from the pulp. Peeling follows using a decontaminated blade. We follow with the pitting of the stone by the use of forceps. After this, we pound the content into a mash and air-dry it with hexane solvents.

We then clarify Rwanda avocado oil with hexane solvent. Filtration, which follows suit, helps to do away with the impurities. We use a de-acidification agent to extract the remainder of the fatty acids. The method helps to produce some 95 percent of the oil, an amount that is greater than just cold pressing.

We pack Rwanda avocado oil in brown-colored bottles with a transparent material. We use plastic or PET bottles and drums for the purpose. The basic unit for the bottles is 500 ml while the drums start at 20 l. We package around 6 to 12 bottles in each corrugated carton for safe handling. We stick self-adhesive product labels indicating the oil’s name, the net weight, the packing date, the 100 percent natural ingredients and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda avocado oil at the temperature margin of fewer than 5 degrees Celsius. We maintain the product in a cool, dry place that we keep dimly lit.

Our refrigerated trucks bring the vegetable oil consignment to the airport soon after packing. You can expect the cargo to make it to your destination in the space of a day or two after dispatching from Kigali by air.

Whether in bottles or drums, our nutritious Rwanda avocado oil comes to you in flexible packages. Because we source and harvest the fruits from small farmers’ fields that are certified with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) terms, you can expect quality from us. We certify our processed oil with the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) before packing it for an independent quality assessment. We keep the quantity per your specification. Our prices are also quite low to reflect your budget. Make an order today!

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