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We provide high-quality Rwanda geranium oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda geranium oil from family growers in the country.

Rwanda geranium oil is the product of the rose-scented Pelargonium graveolens species that is native to South Africa. It comes from a family with over 400 species, with the main ones being in use for oil and cut flower production. Geranium has in recent decades become a common income generator for Rwandans. Residents of Kiyombe in Nyagatare district in Eastern Province grow it to improve their livelihoods. There are also growers in Kirehe and the southeast of the country. Native to South Africa, it was not until the 17th century that the plant grew for distillation purposes in France. From here its use spread across other parts of the world.

There are many uses of geranium oil, but the most common include making beauty formulations. This is because the oil unclogs skin pores, does away with too much oil on the skin and cures inflammation. It also has antiseptic qualities including curing bacterial infections on wounds. Its therapeutic uses range from stress relief to fatigue eradication. Thus it is an all-around physical and mental herbal product.

We source Rwanda geranium oil’s raw materials from Kiyombe in Nyagatare district in Eastern Province. All our growers maintain small patches of land, sometimes in the form of metal sheds and at other times open fields of less than 2 acres. They keep the plants free of harmful chemical sprays and enrich the soil with farmyard manure.

We harvest geranium leaves for processing at dawn when they are fully scented and have saturated the garden with the aroma. We go for only the rose variety with its distinctive large leaves and welcoming fragrance. We pluck each leaf with garden scissors and keep it in a basket to cure.  We then cart them away to the packinghouse.

We sort the leaves in readiness for extracting Rwanda geranium oil. We then pass the leaves to the drying shed for curing.

We process Rwanda geranium oil through a steam distillation method. We gather enough leaves from especially the rose-smelling variety of the plant. We put them in airtight containers for several days to retain the aroma. We then cut them into tiny bits and pass them to the press which rotates them while it squeezes the oil out.

The next step of Rwanda geranium oil processing is that of adding a solvent for purification. The solvent can be another oil including jojoba. The viscous liquid then passes in the form of vapor to the condensation chamber. Here, the solvent remains behind while the vapor oil turns back into liquid. It passes through a filtration chamber for clarification and then into a collecting beaker.

We store Rwanda geranium oil at ambient temperatures of between 10 degrees and 32 degrees Celsius. We keep the bottles containing the product under stoppers to maintain the freshness.

We transport the oil in our special trucks with modified interior environment on the same day of packing. The dispatch from Kigali International Airport usually makes it to your destination 1 or 2 days after the shipment.

Whether you are after its rosy aroma or just multiple herbal uses, you now have our Rwanda geranium oil to consider. We source the raw materials from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified areas to improve on quality. All our sources provide sufficient quantity that marries perfectly to your needs throughout the order period. On the question of price, we keep the rates low to adhere to your budgetary allocation. Make an order today!

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