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We provide high-quality Rwanda flaxseed oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh raw materials for processing Rwanda flax seed oil from family growers in the country.

Rwanda flaxseed oil, also common as linseed oil is the by-product of flax (Linum usitatissimum). This is a natural fiber in the same league with cotton. It does well in tropical hot and wet weather patterns. Its main growing areas in Rwanda include Gicumbi to the northwest. Its origin is southern Europe and Egypt. Here, it has been under cultivation for the past 8000 years. In Egypt, the seed acted as an ingredient for the preservation of mummies infamous tombs.

Linseed/flax seed oil has many edible and non-edible uses. Its vegetable use is to pickle meals and its lush omega three fatty acids are good for fighting high cholesterol. It also helps to cure indigestion. The factory uses of the oil include binding film, making coloring materials, coating linoleum and manufacturing varnish. In cosmetics, it produces soap while in art it makes paints and ink.

We source Rwanda flax seed from the northern parts, particularly Gicumbi. Our family growers maintain at least two acres of land and conserve it with farmyard manure. They also use chemical sprays sparingly to reduce residual buildup.

We cold press Rwanda flaxseed oil. Each seed has a yield margin of 44 percent. We grind the capsules which contain six seeds per pod. The process results in a ground paste made up of the seeds and kernels. These then go into a distiller press that grinds the particles further under a steel roller machine. The liquid that exudes from the paste is brownish-yellow with hints of green on it and it has a strong odor. It serves well in meals in unrefined form.

If needed for industrial needs, we refine the virgin Rwanda flaxseed oil. This type comes filled with solvents and may have additives. We extract it with a warm extractor. The boiling phase helps to evaporate any impurities. After cooling, the thick stuff goes on to make paints, soap, film binders and so forth.

We usually pack Rwanda flaxseed oil under international standards in phytosanitary conditions. Our basic unit is 1 liter of the product which comes in a PET bottle. We also have low units of 250 milliliters as well as larger units of 5 gallons and 19 liters. The last two measures come in eco-friendly drums.  We stick designate product labels on each package with the name of the oil, its ingredients, the net weight, the packing date, the best-by date and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda flaxseed oil in temperatures of less than 5 degrees Celsius. We keep it away from the sun to prevent discoloring. We also maintain cool, dry conditions inside our warehouses.

We transport Rwanda flaxseed oil on the same day of packing inside our special trucks that are fitted with modified environment interiors. Give or take, the cargo normally makes it to your destination in a single day or two after dispatching from Kigali International.

Thus, whether you need it for vegetable pickling or industrial uses, you can now avail Rwanda flaxseed oil from us in crude and refined forms. We source the seeds for making the oil from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified parts of the country, itself a guarantee of quality. All our processed products go through check-up by the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) before departure. On the score of quantity, we maintain your exact volumes by producing a surplus. In addition, we keep our prices low so as not to break the bank. Make an order today!

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