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We provide high-quality Rwanda sunflower oil to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda sunflower oil from family growers in the country.

Rwanda sunflower oil comes from the sunflower plant which grows in various parts of Rwanda, a reason it has attracted the flattering term, ‘Land of the rising sunflower.’ From the Western Province’s area of Gisenyi to Bugesera and Kayonza districts, the crop has taken the heart of many small-holders. The locals grow it mainly through cooperative societies. Some of the reason for the attractive yellow-flower-producing plant to find a home in this country is its drought-resistant nature.  It has multiple uses that range from cooking oil, flour production and cosmetic-making. Around the world, this oil provides 13 percent of all vegetable oil in use.

Sunflower oil helps to combat tumors due to its high antioxidant content. This is also contributed by vitamin E presence which also helps to fight chronic diseases.

We source raw materials for Rwanda sunflower from Bugesera, Kayonza, Gisenyi and other areas of the nation. Our family growers maintain less than 2 acres of land to help manage the crop to the maximum.

We harvest sunflower during the early hours of the morning before the onset of the sun. We hold out for the petals to dry and when they are just about to fall we move in to pick the flowers. The flower head will have altered color to green, then changed to yellow and finally settled to brown. We slash the head and retain the stalk 4 inches out. We use rubber bands to bundle several stems together before we transfer them to the processing venue.

We have sunflower oil production facilities in Rwanda that have passed Rwanda Agricultural Board certifications. They operate under ISO-9001 conditions. All the cold pressing equipment and bottling systems in the plant are regularly sterilized. There are also modern automated packing systems that provide hygienic alternatives to human workers.

We process Rwanda sunflower oil via the cold pressing method. We first of all hull the seeds from their enclosing husks. We then grind them into small bits. The bits then undergo heavy crushing under rollers that turn them into cakes. The cakes move on to the cold press whose rolling screws squeeze oil from them.

In case the cold press does not produce enough Rwanda sunflower oil at a go, we redo the ground pieces until all liquid has oozed out. At other times, we maximize by the use of warm presses that extract the oil by squeezing in tandem with melting. The clear liquid collects in a beaker below the hydraulic system and is ready to pack. There is no loss of quality as a warm press has only a few more degrees of heat than its cold press alternative. It is also advantageous for importers who need a clear, less viscous product.

We pack the now cooled Rwanda sunflower oil in PET or plastic bottles, glass jars and tin cans. We use brown exteriors for the transparent bottles to prevent oxidation effect from light. We have standard measures of 250 milliliters but our flexible allowances can go up to 750 milliliters and 1 liter. Each of our packed boxes has a capacity for 12 bottles that we put into cartons under the seal. We use designate labels of the name of the product, the 100 percent natural ingredients, the packing date, the country of origin and the net weight.

We store Rwanda sunflower oil between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. At least six months can pass before the product goes bad.  We transport the oil via special trucks with modified climate interiors for fresh delivery to Kigali International. The cargo will hence be at your destination in the next 1 to 2 days.

Whether it is for culinary use or cosmetic needs, you now have an essential oil from a natural extraction method. Our Rwanda sunflower oil contains 100 percent organic ingredients with no additives. It comes from plants that grow under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We keep hygiene when packing and processing it via our automated equipment.  As of our quantity framework, we maintain your tonnage by having a wide network of farmers with surplus produce. Our prices are fair and competitive as we tailor them to your budget. Make an order today!

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