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ProduceTunisia Vegetable oil
Variety Soya bean oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil.
Packing 2L/5L/10Lfor retailers and a drum of 208L for wholesale.
Season Produced from November to February but available in the markets all year.
Storage Glass bottles, plastic bottles placed at room temperature
Transport conditions Travel Temperatures of 15 °F Pumping at 15°C Solidification of -16 to28 °C
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Tunisia vegetable oil is extracted from seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Typically vegetable oil is not overly processed but has a significant amount of monounsaturated fats. Examples of vegetable oil are palm oil, olive oil, sunflower, corn oil.

Tunisia vegetable oil was introduced by ancient travelers from china. It is not only used for cooking and salad dressing but also in baking and preparation of processed foods. The most popular edible oils in Tunisia are olive and soya bean oil. Seed oil production in Tunisia stays moderate due to the country’s domestication of olive oil. As a top edible oil in Tunisia, the country imports some of its crude vegetable oil.

The country relies more on the cultivation of olive, palm, and sunflowers that boost the consumption of vegetable oil locally and for export. Vegetable oil in this region is often recycled and refined to the best completion. Animal feeds, and cosmetic soaps are some examples of products from refined vegetable oil. 

These oils sometimes have a low shelf life because of their exposure to sunlight and oxygen. The history of vegetable oil could be tracked back to 1900 when Rudolf diesel in his ignition engine compression filled the engine with peanut oil. The experiment became a success, and peanut oil later was used as a substitute for diesel as masses opted for cheaper peanut oil. Other vegetable oils in Tunisia are olive oil, soya bean oil, palm oil.

The production of the main vegetable oils has been increasing significantly over the past few years. In 2019, the growth rate for olive oil was 2.6% and 107.14% for soybean oil.

The oil is extracted using solvents or by pressing. Mechanically, the oil is then refined, purified, and distributed. Some oils like coconut, olive oil are produced by the method of pressing or crushing.

The best packaging material for liquid vegetable oil is dark glass due to its durable resistance against direct sunlight and heat. For international shipping, Flexitanks are used for transportation to provide safety and ease of transport.

Air- cargo method is the most suitable and sure way to import vegetable oil from Tunisia. This method is fast and safely delivers to clients globally. You can purchase any vegetable oil from Tunisia through this platform.

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