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ProduceTunisia Soybean oil
Variety Refined, Unrefined, Hydrogenated
Packing2L/3L/5L/10l for retailers 20L/30L, a drum of 208L and above for wholesalers.
Storage Stored in metallic boxes, cans, plastic boxes.
SeasonAvailable through out the year
Transport conditions Pumping at 27 degrees Celsius
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Extracted from Soya beans, Tunisia soybean oil is exceedingly rich in proteins and dynamic. Generally, used to extract soya bean oil, it is now a high demand product.  

Soya beans were initially introduced by travelers that carried seeds from china into Tunisia, and its cultivation started sparsely. Still, due to high demand and a rise in value, the mass cultivation of soya beans grew in the country.

The country’s warm climate has contributed to the quality of Tunisia soya beans grown in the region. With Tunisia receiving about 400mm of rainfall per annum, soya beans production is booming, enabling the extraction of soya bean oil that is richly available in the country. Today 80% of Tunisia’s Soya bean is processed to produce Soya Meal and Soy oil, while 90% of soy meal is used to make animal feeds and soy flour. The significant fraction of soya bean oil used as vegetable oil globally is 80%.

Currently, Tunisia produces 77.70k metric tons, with a production share of 0.3% ranking 31st globally. The soya bean grown in the region profoundly influences the quality of the oil extracted. After harvesting, the seeds are dried up and processed using solvent and pressing.

During transportation, care, and attention is given to the oil since its a drying oil. It molds and hardens when it comes to contact with air.

The Temperatures should be well adjusted 

  • Loading temperatures (24 degrees Celsius.)
  • Pumping (27 degrees Celcius.)
  • Travel temperatures (15 degrees Celcius.)

Owing to its fame and it’s glorified benefits, soybean oil is one of the most consumed vegetable oil globally. Importation from Tunisia is now easier with air cargo, mainly used as the preferred delivery method due to its efficiency. Tunisia exports most of its Tunisia soya bean oil to Europe, neighboring countries of Morocco, Egypt, and the rest of Africa.   

Global consumption of soya bean oil is estimated to be more than 60 million tons. With a high smoke point, it’s suitable for heat cooking, roasting, frying of items. Apart from containing omega-three fatty acids, it is high in natural antioxidants. 

Soybean is a legume widely known for its high food value. For decades the plant was produced mainly for food, but due to recent technology, it is refined and used for multi-purposes, including the extraction of soya bean oil.

Tunisia soybean oil is chemical-free, possessing health benefits. It is highly beneficial to the skin bones and heart. Below are the general benefits of soya bean oil.

  • Boosts up your immune 
  • For decades till now, it is used to perfect skin and giving it aglow.
  • Slows down Alzheimer disease

Soya bean oil is now available in both refined and Unrefined forms. It is an excellent source of polyunsaturated and reduces inflammation.

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