• Sudan Acacia Gum Arabic
  • Sudan Acacia Gum Arabic
  • Sudan Acacia Gum Arabic
  • Sudan Acacia Gum Arabic

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VarietiesAcacia Seyal, Acacia Senegal
Packing Bags made of cotton cloth, Dried gum is packed in plastic pp bads
Grade Senegal grade, Sayal grade
Season Between September and June
Storage Store under room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius
Transport Conditions At room temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius
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Sudan is the world’s largest producer of natural gum Arabic by contributing over 80%of the gum produced globally. Sudan gum Arabic is the high demand both in the local and the international market. 

Acacia tree is the chief gum producing tree species in Sudan. The species covers a total estimate of 2.5 ha of land. Gum Arabic is a mixture of polysaccharides and glycoproteins, which gives it the property of glue and binder that is edible by humans. Boswellia papyrifera produces frankincense, Commiphora produces myrrh. Frankincense and myrrh used as a medicine, beverages, creams and liqueurs, cosmetic, creams and detergents.

Gum Arabic used as stabilizing, in food and drink industries; in printing and textile industry, despite the economic importance of these products, there is a rapid declaim due to degradation resulting from agricultural expansion, overgrazing fire, poor incense harvesting practices etc.

Gum production is also in Senegal, Nigeria, Mali, Chad, Ethiopia and Niger.

Sudan natural gum Arabic contributes mainly to the economy of the country being among the largest foreign exchange earner of the country. The country exports over 40 tons of Arabic gum annually. The annual sale volume is about US 100 million.

The Arabic gum  industry has employed over 5000 employees hence boosting their living standards

There are different spices of acacia which produce various kinds of gum Arabic. The species of acacia tree grow in several countries in the horn of Africa and western Africa. The Senegal gum is obtained from Acacia Senegal. It is tapped by cutting holes in the bark. The Sayel gum is obtained from Acacia Sayel, collected from occurring natural exudations on the bark.

Sudan is in the horn of Africa between (3-5) degrees north latitude and (33-48) degrees east longitudes. The climatic conditions of the country change from dry, tropical and temperate rainy. The temperature of the country varies between 47 degrees Celsius in the desert regions to 10 degrees Celsius in the highlands. These conditions give a favourable growth of Acacia, Boswellia and Commiphora.

Harvesting of Sudan natural gum Arabic is done manually by traditional methods of tapping. Tapping and collecting of Arabic gum are carried out around mid-September up to June during the offset of the dry season.

Tapping is by the shaving of very thin, i.e. 2 mm and 4-8 mm deep and wide respectively, external circular layer of the bark starting at 0.5 from the base of the stem using hand tool. After 30-40 days, the second tapping starts. The tapping continues up to 4 months.

Arabic gum processing performed by using two methods, i.e. heating of the gum solution and enzyme biotechnology. Sudan natural gum Arabic is processed by heating of the gum solution. Heating is whereby Arabic gum is heat at 65 degrees Celsius for 24 hours. Heating at this temperature ensures that emulsification functionality is not lost. 

At Port Sudan, the Khartoum Arabic Processing Company maintains fully-equipped laboratories and warehoused to ensure that quality and testy gum Arabic exported. 

The company provides powered and kibbled gum Arabic.

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