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Uganda mango juice comes from the omuyembe tree, in the local language. The fruit thrives mostly in the western parts of the country. Here, the fruit is foremost for home use by the locals. Many serious farmers grow about two hundred trees on a two-and-a-half-hectare piece of land. They bring their surplus to grocery stores and supermarkets in the nearest towns. Production methods for the juice range from traditional cutting and squeezing, street side blending and industrial cold pressing/homogenization.

Drinking mango juice is a lease into health as it gives the body equal amounts of vitamins A and C at 41 percent of the daily value.  It also has energy reserves with a carbohydrate content of 2 percent. Each cup gives the body 128 calories, 1 gram of protein and 8 grams of sugar. Other nutrients include dietary fiber which is high in the raw fruit but less so in the drink.

We source mangoes for making fresh juice from family growers in Mbarara district, Western Uganda. All our sources own little orchards of not more than 2 acres which they cultivate under organic conditions. The farmers use well-rotten farmyard manure for soil enrichment and forgo the application of pesticides.

We harvest the raw materials for Uganda mango juice processing when the fruits have turned fully ripe, usually yellow or red for most varieties. Our workers know that the tastiest mangos are those that get ripe when still on the branches. These are the ones they pick by the use of long pole harvesters or by handpicking means. We retain about 5 centimeters of the stalk to each fruit to prevent sap from seeping off the stem side.

In our Uganda mango juice production process, we begin by sorting the fruits. We do this by either a manual or automated process. The automated means is a roller bar that accepts all sizes. It rotates the fruits where our workers can observe them from diverse angles. This helps them to study the berries with poor contours and remove them. The rest go to the washing stage.

We wash the mangos through our surfing equipment. We place the fruits into a washing pass where pressured water pours.  The thorough washing makes the skin not only crystal clean but soft enough to cut.

We then heat the washed fruits in readiness to extract Uganda mango juice. We do this at low temperatures for just 3 minutes. The process does away with polyphenol oxidase, a toxin that forms on the skins. It also helps to maintain the shade of the fruit as well as boost its flavor.

Then comes our next stage of Uganda mango juice extraction, peeling. This is the mechanical removal of both the skin and the pit. This leaves the pulp in a wholesome, unhampered quality. We maintain a maximization rate of around 99.5 percent worth of pulp retention. We then de-gas the pulp which is common in all fresh fruits. The removal of this mixed air from the fruits eradicates the contamination of the juice and prolongs its shelf life.

The penultimate step of Uganda mango juice production is that of homogenization. This is typically the breaking down of the now cut pulp into tiny particles. These are then squeezed by the press to release juice. We then take the crude juice to the sterilization chamber. Here, in less than 60 degrees Celsius, the juice undergoes a decontamination process. It pours into a stainless steel collecting point where it is impurity-free and ready for packing. We fill this juice into its various packages such as bottles using automated mechanisms.

We pack Uganda mango juice in plastic bottles, metal tins, PET bottles and glass jars. We ensure that each container has a stopper that keeps the product in an airtight environment. We insert the packs into bags and secure these into cartons. Each package comes with clear labels inclusive of the date of manufacture, its 100 percent natural ingredients, the country of origin and the expiry date.

We store Uganda mango juice at the base temperature of 5 degrees Celsius or below.  We transport the cargo in our special vehicles that are fitted with refrigeration equipment. You can expect the shipment to get to you in the next one day from the date of dispatch.

If you would like to avail a fresh supply of Uganda mango juice, you now have the perfect source to speak. We obtain our fresh supplies from family growers under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. We take care of your quantity by mobilizing just enough farmers to grow the fruits that will be ready on time and in the correct tonnage. The same applies to prices, which we tailor to your budget. Make an order today!

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