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Popular as ‘ketchup’ around East Africa, Uganda tomato juice production has become an informal source of income for many graduates who fail to secure jobs in offices.  These graduates make use of their experience to not only produce but wrap the ketchup in innovative plastic material. This has led to the emerging of Small & Medium Enterprises that perpetuate the ideas by the production of the juice on the large-scale. The popularity of the product is because of its rich nutrition: it is loaded with beta-carotene and lycopene, great for proper eyesight and protection against diseases.

Tomato juice is a key source of vitamins. These include vitamins C and E for boosting immunity. The lycopene content is also quite pronounced. The same applies to the vitamin A building blocks that keep one’s eyesight healthy.

We source Uganda tomatoes for making juice from Kabale district and other parts of the west. The most common variety of enyanya in the country is Assila. Our family growers cultivate it in areas of less than two acres under farmyard manure. They abstain from the use of chemical sprays. This renders our produce highly organic.

We process Uganda tomato juice under a half-automated mechanism right from crushing to packaging. This maintains a phytosanitary environment. The first step is to harvest tomatoes. Our workers pick the fully ripe red fruits that come off the stalks easily. The farmhands ensure that diverse varieties go into the broth. Some varieties have plenty of juice while others are thick, which makes sense to mix them.

Our next step in the processing of Uganda tomato juice is that of washing the berries in clean water. We then rinse them with a sterilized towel. This is followed by the use of a sharp knife to slice them into quarters. We ensure maximization in sizing to turn out the smallest pieces possible.

We then put the tomatoes into a cool receptacle where our pounding tool mashes them into a thick paste. We follow this by boiling the thick stuff after adding a cupful of water to reduce viscosity. At the end of half an hour, we turn off the heat. The vapor settles to expose the now soup-like, aromatic Uganda tomato juice.

We immediately spice up the broth with seasoning that may range from sugar to salt. After stirring the juice for the even distribution of the seasoning, we prepare to separate the solid from the liquid part. We then sieve and keep the juice in cool, dry place to settle.

We pack Uganda tomato juice in plastic bottles, aromatherapy grade glass jars, stainless steel tins and PET cans. We offer them in basic parcels of 500 ml, 1 l and 7 l and so forth. You may also request for flexible packing sizes. We cap off by the inclusion of labels including the country of origin, the net weight and the name of the product.

We store Uganda tomato juice at 0 degrees Celsius to ensure that it does not lose its fresh flavor. It is also usually under careful monitoring so that it does not fasten to the container. We transport the juice to the international airport in Entebbe for direct delivery to your destination. You can expect the cargo to reach you in as little as a day’s time.

You should therefore consider us your first choice for anything Uganda tomato juice. All our produce comes from family growers who are certified with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) that in itself is bespoke of quality. We offer flexible quantity such that you can order juice of any volume or tonnage. You are also welcome to sample our quite competitive prices. You can start by making an order today!



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