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Uganda plum juice comes from the mainly red-colored berry of the family of temperate fruits known as Rosaceae. The drink’s popularity lies in its ability against digestive disorders and toxin formation due to its fiber and antioxidant makeup. It is most typically available in a brown color. However, there are other types in scarlet, magenta and even yellow tones. In Uganda, the fruits are available once per year, especially in the cool and wet western border with Congo. Juice production is also getting recognition with the most popular being homemade: the locals boil the plums, pit them and then squeeze out the juice which they serve with ice.

Plum juice has a horde of qualities that are advantageous to health. It prevents constipation and detoxifies the body. It is also a natural cleanser of the large intestines. Its other benefits include the control of indigestion and a rise in blood glucose. Other benefits to expect from a glassful include 259 milligrams of potassium which balances blood electrolytes, 26 milligrams of phosphorous for bone regeneration and 1 gram of protein for bodybuilding needs.

We source plums for making juice from the Kabale district of Western Uganda. Here, farmers cultivate a range of temperate fruits that they have turned exotic including apples and apricots. We only make contact with family growers with less than two acres of land. Here, they cultivate the crops under farmyard manure application and little or no use of chemical sprays.

We process Uganda plum juice to the extent where it reaches a viscosity level of 64 to 66 degrees brix. This means that the product is in-between a juice and a concentrate. We produce it through a cold press. We begin by washing the fruits in clean, pure water. We then rinse the fruits in preparation for crushing.

We crush the plums to remove the pit. This leaves the pulp which then goes to press. The machine squeezes the juice out of it. We set the rotating screws at an optimal range and speed to maximize the production level.

We then collect the crude Uganda plum juice in a beaker ready for the filtration system. This mechanism sucks off the liquid and leaves the lees. To maintain a high brix or concentrate-like level, we keep the sieves relatively wide to allow some of the smaller fibers to pass through. We then collect the nutrient-rich stuff at a beaker, ready to pack.

We pack Uganda plum juice in two forms. The first one is in PET bottles that we, in turn, put into bags and then into boxes. The containers give maximum protection against temperature changes. Our other pack is a drum for the transportation of the juice in bulk. The pack comes with a high capacity and can be able to meet the required volumes of 5 liters and above.

We sort Uganda plum juice at 0 degrees Celsius, in a cool, dry setting. We convey the packages on the same day of processing to the airport in Entebbe via our trucks with modified environment interior. The product can get to your destination on the same shipping date.

If you are therefore after an alternative to prune juice from the heart of the ‘Pearl of Africa,’ you now have our Uganda prune juice to count on. All the raw materials come from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. Regarding quantity, we offer both fixed and flexible packs at your specified tonnage. We also look forward to your sampling our very fair prices. Make an order today!

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