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Uganda cotton represents the number three most essential agricultural export of this East African nation. Only tea and coffee surpass this cash crop regarding exports. Around a quarter of a million locals, mostly family growers, depend on the crop to sustain their daily monetary needs.  Cotton is so much attuned to the country that it requires little else to flourish but rain which is available most of the year. The crop first came to Uganda during the beginning years of the colonial period in 1903. This was courtesy of a growers’ outfit from Britain.

We source our Uganda cotton from Busoga district in the eastern parts of the country. One unifying factor for all our sources is that they farm the produce under organic means in patches of less than two acres of land. They use farmyard compost in place of commercial fertilizers. They also forgo chemical sprays to keep the produce high quality, whether for cottonseed oil or fabric production.

Our cotton harvesting procedure involves hand-picking means. Our workers carry spindles that usually tip off the fabric that also has seeds from the boll enclosing it. We then transport the harvest to the storeroom for sorting before delivery to the gin. At this point, the fabric goes into huge bales or modules that can weigh thousands of kilograms.

We then take the produce to the gin for the extraction of the seeds from the lint. We, first of all, trigger the process by cleaning the boll-free fabric. We put it handful by handful into vacuum-pressured tubes that move it to the drying machine. After the residual moisture is out, we then move it to the next equipment, a chaff remover that does away with any dirt, stalks or field debris other than the seeds.

After the bales have undergone complete drying, the Uganda cotton becomes lighter than it was at the packing stage. We then move it to the separator that gins out the seeds and other non-yarn material. We usually extract the short fibers through a saw-edged machine. The latter keeps out the seed from getting mixed up with the final fibers now ready for packing.

We also have roller machines that are ideal for Uganda cotton fibers that are relatively long. These have perfect rolling mechanisms that pull the fibers in a downwards manner and keep the large seeds from passing inside. This means that the fabric will be quite long and not frayed when it reaches its final pass.

We pack Uganda cotton, right after air blasting it to compress it into mill-ready bales. We transport these 500-pound fabric materials to the nearest warehouse for temporary storage. We then get ready to export it. We also attach labels consisting information of the net weight, the country of origin and other details.

We store the packed bales of Uganda cotton under cool, dry conditions expeditiously. We transport them on the same day to the airport in our special purpose trucks for ready shipping. Give or take, you will receive the package in one to two days after dispatch by air from Entebbe.

In short, if you are in the process of sourcing for natural fabric from diverse parts of East Africa, then Uganda cotton should be your first choice. All our plants grow under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. Besides the implicit quality, we also ensure that you get the exact bales of the produce for making yarn as you may have requested. We keep our part of the bargain by provision of quite fair prices. Make an order today!

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