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Best known as a source of wine, the grape also makes natural drinks. Uganda grape juice is one of these, which is essentially 100 percent extract from the fruit. Its main components are tartaric as well as citric and malic acids, which give it a tart and acidic taste.  The sweet wake of the drink comes from its natural fructose and glucose compounds. The natural color of the juice is red but other varieties like Niagara produce a white-toned drink.

We source our raw fruits for making Uganda grape juice from the western districts of Uganda such as Mbarara. Our family growers own pieces of land of between 1 and 2 acres. They maintain them via organic soil enrichment including farmyard compost. They forgo chemical sprays altogether to keep the residual levels low.

We use strict criteria when harvesting grapes. For juicing purposes, we pick them when fully ripe. Some of the indicators include the firmness of the fruits, the ripened purple color and the plumpness. We use PPE during harvesting: donning their aprons and gloves, our workers cut bunches of the fruits by clippers and put them into baskets. They then transport them to the processing site.

We use the cold press method to extract Uganda grape juice.  We maintain the relatively warm temperatures of at least 60 degrees Celsius to diffuse the rich, deep red color of the crushed pieces all over the extract. We dip the crushed pieces into containers with a certain enzyme that helps to break down this pigment that is necessary for producing the natural color in the final product.

We then extract Uganda grape juice through a screw press that digests the pieces at each turn and spills the now deep-toned juice onto the filtration chamber. At this point, we may add further enzymes to clarify the extract. Otherwise, we use a filter that takes the juice through a sieve that separates the solid parts from the solid lees. When we use soft-skinned varieties, we can avail a tonnage of 710 liters per metric ton of fruits. This goes down to 560 liters per metric ton if the fruit has thick, hard skin.

We maintain a semisolid state of our Uganda grape juice at about 22 degrees brix. Therefore, during filtration, we adjust the sieves to a wider diameter than for other fruit juices to allow the infiltration of some fibers. This results in a viscous juice with deep red texture. If we go below the above brix level, the final product may have less inviting color.

We also have concentrates that have more pulp matter than juice. Ours comes at the internationally accredited 55 to 68 degrees brix. Studies have indicated that this Grape concentrate transports and stores well even at the room temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.

We pack Uganda grape juice in PET bottles, glass jars as well as plastic and metal cans. We use airtight stoppers on each container after vacuum-filling it. This results in perfect freshness throughout the storage period. You can expect the juice to reach you under perfect conditions as we keep it in bottles, then bags, and finally labeled cartons. The carton labels carry the net weight, the country of origin, the ingredients (100 percent natural) and the final destination.

We store Uganda grape juice at temperatures between 5 degrees and 24 degrees Celsius. We maintain this temperature throughout the transportation phase to the airport via our special delivery trucks.The product can get to you in the space of a day or two from the date of dispatch.

Therefore, if you are hankering after Uganda grape juice, you now have a reliable supplier that you can rely on. Our fruit growers come from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locations. This is an indication that you will acquire only fresh quality product that comes from organic farming sources. We also maintain quantity that perfectly aligns to your needs. You also get a guarantee of affordable pricing that we adjust to the current market rates. Make an order today!

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