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We provide high quality Ethiopia wool to the local and export market. We source the pressed Ethiopia wool from family herders from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia wool comes from millions of merino and other sheep breeds from the country. In 2017, the country had a population of indigenous sheep of more than 23.6 million. They are available in areas that experience dry weather throughout the year especially the east. The sheep population in the country numbers 24.6 million, which is among the highest in Africa.

Historically, wool export took place in crude methods that is a far cry from the current nylon or jute bag packing. The 1900 sale took place in wooden crates that were actually hollow timber logs that contained tens of fleeces that was squeezed inside the hollowed part. The sheared wool first went into a press for adjustment and weighing into bales. The press was a manual wooden type that was quite difficult to operate. Current production takes place through an electric-driven press that usually pins down the wool into the required bales as it comes with an inbuilt scale.

We source our Ethiopia wool from Kebele and other Oromia regions. These places have wool processing plants that provide a livelihood for farmers. We also source from small family holders with 10 to 50 sheep per family, We go for such characteristics as the thickness, color, indigenous variety and horn shape as all these determine the quality of the fabric producing skin.

Before packing Ethiopia wool, we first of all oversee the shearing of the merino and other breeds of sheep from our family herdsmen. A single bale, which is the export measure, requires around sixty fleeces from many sheep. We ensure that each bale after pressing takes place weighs at least 110 kilos. The best fleeces from heavy sheep can go to up to 204 kilos. Our presses usually take tens of fleeces-up to sixty-and then press then while weighing them at the same time into bales. We ensures that each of our wool is at least 49.2 inches in length when it is not stretched.

We pack Ethiopia wool in form of bales. We first of all, we compress the wool through a press to bring the standard compressed packs. Each package then goes careful sorting to ensure that it is blemish-free and will be acceptable in the market. We then pack them in woolpacks made of jute products.

Each of our Ethiopia wool bales weigh varying number of kilos but does not go below 110 kilos. However, we pack around fifty bales per package that measures 70 centimeters squared when fully packed. Our nylon packing materials also come with label sections. These are usually on the flap or holding section of the bags. They describe the source of the wool, for instance the farm, the kind of sheep, for example merino and the bin code of the sale.

We transport the fleeces to be turned into bales using special open trucks. We also use the same vehicles for transportation of the processed product to the Bola international Airport. You can expect the load to reach your part of the world from 1 to 3 days depending on the distance.

For more information about availing Ethiopia wool, do not hesitate to get in touch. We source our product from animal herders with specific merino sheep for shearing purposes. We follow stringent handling pressing and measuring processes to ensure that the package comes in your required grade and size. You can request for any tonnage that suits your needs. Our prices are also among the lowest among animal product sellers from the region. Make your order today!

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