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Variety Black tea Green tea Brown tea Yellow tea
Packing bulk 55kg sacks, tea bags, 250 grams, 5-- grams, 1kg
Season May to August
GradesBP1, PF1, Fngs1, PD, Dust, Dust 1
StorageCool dry room temperatures Shielded away from moisture.
Transport ConditionsTransported by trucks or rail, free from Moisture
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Burundi tea covers 13,000 hectares of land, making it the second-largest export from Burundi. Tea was introduced in Burundi in 1931 in the Gisozi area and cultivated sparsely at that time. Mass cultivation started in 1963 with the establishment of commercial tea production farms. In the early 1970s, tea production bloomed, and exportation of Burundi coffee popularized.  

Burundi produces over 40,000 metric tons annually, mainly exported to Europe, the United States of America, and the rest of Africa.  It is the15th tea producer worldwide. 90% of coffee harvested is exported. 

Varieties of tea available are mainly; Black tea, Green Tea, brown Tea, Yellow tea, oolong, puer tea. 

Burundi’s climate has highly contributed to the quality of tea harvested from the region with temperatures of 18-21 degrees Celcius and the country receiving rainfalls of 150cm – 250 cm per year that is well distributed around the year offer best conditions for coffee in the region. Humid conditions of 70-90% also favour coffee in Burundi.

Hand-picking is a conventional method used to harvest tea.  In Burundi, tea farmers spend long hours hand collecting tea into their back baskets. This method mainly is used in Burundi. It preserves the natural sweetness and flavour of the tea leaves, but for mass harvesting,  machines majorly are used.

After harvest, tea leaves are laid under sunlight on either mats or fabricated floors to wilt.  During wilting, temperature and humidity generally are monitored to ensure enough airflow. The leaves are then crushed and oxidized to change its colour.  The tea is then left to dry to remove the remaining moisture and ready for consumption and export. Tea is packaged in 2.2gms plastic bags and later placed in carton boxes for export. Large quantities are available as well.

Importing tea from is Burundi is easy; air cargo is the fastest and reliable way. Airlines in Burundi have partnered with tea producers to provide a secure mechanism to deliver the tea to customers globally. With its global 15th position, Burindi definitely produces extraordinary high-quality tea.  

Road transport is mainly also used to make sure customers based in neighbouring countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania get their tea in good condition. While transporting, the tea is shielded from rainfall and bad weather. 

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