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Variety Bourbon, Arabica, Robusta
Packing 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, 40kg for retail, 60kg
Size 18-AA, 16 AB, 14C
Season March to July
Storage Cold, dry room temperatures.
Transport conditionsTransported at temperatures of 10°c-20°c Humidity at 80%
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Original Burundi coffee exhibits an acidic, creamy, rich flavour with a sweet aromatic taste. Located between East and Central Africa, it is a landlocked country where coffee was originally introduced by the Belgians in 1930. The Belgians planted the Arabic coffee plants that thrived in the country. Under the Belgian rule, Burundians were aggressively forced to plant a certain number of coffee plants, and this led to massive coffee production. 

The bourbon, cultivated on over 50,000 hectares land, is the main variety. The country produces over 36,000,000 lbs, making Burundi the 29th largest producer of coffee in the world.  

Other varieties of coffee in Burundi are mainly Bourbon, Jackson, Mibirzi, and French mission variety.  80% of the Arabic type is overly produced and robusta coffee cultivated in small quantities. 

Climate has impacted the quality of coffee harvested in Burundi. The country receives 1200mm of rainfall annually, and parts of the country have volcanic soils that are rich in nutrients like nitrogen that are essential for coffee to thrive.  The main coffee cultivation areas are Buyenzi, Kirimiro Mumirwa, Bweru, and Kayanza, Bugesera, and Kayanza. Kayanza coffee has a high score of 91.09 %.

Coffee in Burundi is available throughout the year. Each variety is unique, but in  Burundi, it takes about 3-4 years for coffee to reach maturity and bear cherries. The coffee turns red, an indication that the coffee is ready for harvest. 

Methods like strip picking and selective picking mainly are used to harvest the coffee.  Burundi coffee is processed using two main ways namely dry and wet processing. 

Dry method involves harvested beans dried under the sun from 15 to 20 degrees Celcius.  The cherries are covered at night to prevent the absorption of moisture.
Wet pressing involves soaking coffee for a second time just after fermentation, resulting in excellent coffee with no multiage. The coffee also passes through a pulping machine and is dried under sunlight or forced air drying. The moisture of 10.5% is perfect for the dried coffee. 

They are packaged in all sizes of 10kg,20kg,30kg, and for large export quantities of 60kg or more mainly are packaged in plastic bags, pouch bags, pillow bags, boxes.   

Transportation of coffee for domestic consumption is done via local trucks directly to the consumers . for export, air cargo is often used for fast delivery. A humidity of 80 % is ideal. 

The rich taste of coffee from Burundi is unique with an original flavour.   Versatile as it is, Burundi coffee is served best as espresso or just as brewed coffee. Use this platform to source and sell authentic quality premium coffee from Burundi.


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