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VarietiesOkoume, Limba, sipo,sapelli, wenge, Ayous
PackingIn form of logs
Size In meter cube
SeasonThroughout the year
Storage Store in a cool, dry place
Transport ConditionsTransport under cool and dry conditions Moderate temperature of 25 degrees Celsius
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Congo is among the largest exporter of wood and timber in the world. It produces the best variety of different kinds of trees both to the local and the international market. Wood in Congo obtained from the tropical rain forest in the western.

The Congo produces the best tropical hardwood to the world. Congo has around 22.3 million hectares of forested land; this is 65% of the total land. About 71 thousand hectares of land is planted forest. All the natural forests are publicly owned, i.e. by the state, local authorities and public bodies. Individuals own private forests. The products from the hardwoods include logs, sawn wood and wood-based panels. 

Congo wood obtained from the southern part and the main forest being in the northern part of the country. Congolese timber is availed at 250 million Euros annually. Export of wood has greatly boosted the economy of the country. The highest export of wood in Congo was in the year 2015, where the value was estimated to be 406.7% million US dollars.

The leading export destination of Congo wood is china, the USA and Europe.

The main of trees harvested in Congo are; Okoume and Sapelli.

  • Okoume (Aucoumea klaineana) covers less than 1 million hectares of land. It is the main spices in the Mayombe forests in the southern part.
  • The Chaillu forest is rich in Okoume (Aucoumea klainean), Limba(terminalia Superba), Ilomba pycnathus angolensis and sipo( Entandrophragma utile).
  • The northern forest contains the redwoods such as sipo( Entandrophragma utile), sapelli(entandrophragmaNcylindrium), wenge(millettia laurentii) as well as the light hardwood such as Ayous(Triplochinton scleroxylon)

 The Congo is in the central part of Africa along, the tropics. It receives well-distributed rain throughout the year. The climate is hot and cool in the river is cool and dry in the southern highlands and very cold in the Ruwenzori Mountains. In the south of the equator, the rainy season lasts from mid-October to May. In the north of the equator, the rains are from April to November.

Congo wood harvested throughout the year. Harvesting is done by managements units which have been given the tree cutting permit by the government. They should work within the limit given by the government to ensure there is no deforestation. Most of the wood processing companies are located near the sourcing point to reduce the cost of transportation. Very little processing done in the country. 

There are two main export routes, i.e.

  • Through river and land to the port of Pointe Noire in the south.
  • Through land to the port of Douala in Cameroon.

In the land, wood transported by railway and transits trucks to the port ready for export.

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