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Produce Zambia yogurt
Varieties Greek, goat milk, sheep milk, Icelandic, Australian,soy, almond
Common names Yogurt,yoghurt, yoghourt
Packing 250mls,500mls,1 ltr
Size 250g,500g,1kg
Availability All year round
Transportation conditions 30 degrees
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Zambia Yogurt, also spelled as yogurt, is produced by fermenting milk using bacteria known as cultures. When lactose is fermented with bacteria, it produces lactose acid, which acts on milk protein to give yogurt its texture.

Bacteria used as a culture to produce yogurt is known as Lactobacillus delbrueckii and Streptococcus thermophilous. Yogurt is made of 81 percent water,9 percent protein,5 percent fat, and 4 percent carbohydrates(sugar). 

Zambia yogurt origin is unknown but thought to have been invented in Mesopotamia about 5000 BC and was introduced in Zambia in the 1900s. The discovery of yogurt happened accidentally when milk was stored in warm weather, then it went bad. It is said to be one of the oldest and most popular fermented food.

There are nine types of yogurt produced in Zambia. Most are named according to their country of origin.

Traditionally unstrained yogurt is a type of yogurt that is thin and has more liquid content as it has not been strained. It is an excellent option for kids and a perfect source of calcium. 

Greek yogurt: This has twice the number of proteins as compared to unstrained yogurt. It also contains less sugar and fewer carbs

Goat milk yogurt: This is produced by fermenting goat milk and has more fat compared to cow milk yogurt. 

Sheep milk yogurt: This is yogurt from sheep milk. It is mot deal for cooking as it does not break down at high temperatures. It has a fat content equal to goat milk yogurt. 

Icelandic yogurt: Also known as kryr, this is the thickest type of yogurt. It is traditionally made from skimmed milk and contains the highest amount of proteins.

Australian yogurt: This is typically made with whole milk and is more creamy. It is usually sweetened with honey.

Soy yogurt: This type of yogurt is made from soy milk base obtained from soybeans. It is dairy-free and low in cholesterol. It is an excellent option for vegetarians.

Almond yogurt: It is a mixture of almonds and water with live cultures added. It is a non-dairy yogurt rich in fiber and calcium. It contains zero lactose and is thin and loose.

Coconut yogurt: This is made from coconut milk and does not contain proteins. Its consistency is similar to whole milk.

Yogurt has no specific season, as most milk products are available all year round. The processing of yogurt takes about7 to 9 hours. It requires a constant lukewarm temperature, which promotes bacteria growth.

Zambia yogurt is packaged in containers ranging from 250mm to 20 liters. It is then packed in sealed cartons ready for transportation.

Zambia exports its yogurt to the neighboring countries, mainly South Africa. Globally, European countries are the greatest exporters of yogurt. 

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