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Produce Zambia Molasses
Varieties Blackstrap molasses,light molasses,dark molasses,treacle molasses,sorghum molasses
Common names Black treacle
Packing 100g,500g,1kg
Size 100g
Availability All year round
Transportation conditions 30 degrees
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Zambia Molasses is a product resulting from sugarcane that has been refined into sugar. In Zambia, molasses is mainly used to add sweetness to various foods. Molasses is also used in baking cakes and producing candies.

The lighter grades can also be eaten raw molasses is also made from sugar beets. It’s a healthy alternative to refined sugar. It is also known as black treacle. The amount of sugar classifies molasses, method of extraction, and age of plant., molasses can also be made from sorghum, pomegranate, carob, and event dates.

Molasses was invented in 1700” s by a German chemist known as Andreas Margraf. He discovered the presence of sugar in vegetables. Molasses was exported from the US to west India to make rum.

In Zambia, molasses was introduced in 1960 by Chirundu sugar estate which had surplus produce of sugarcane. Zambia sugar PLC sells it to farmers who use it as an animal feed supplement. 

Molasses is also used as a key ingredient to manufacture yeast. It is also used to make fertilizer that farmers use to add nutrients (potassium) to the soil. In Zambia, molasses are also used to tar roads in the sugar plantations making transport easy.

There are five types of molasses in Zambia, namely:

Blackstrap molasses; This is the syrup left after sugar is extracted three times. It is extremely dark and has a very strong smell with a bittersweet flavor. It can be used to make sweetener syrup for pancakes

Light molasses: This is the syrup that is left after sugar is processed once. It does not contain Sulphur and is very sweet and light. It is also pale in color and has a mild and sweet taste. It is also used as pancake syrup

Dark molasses: This syrup is obtained after sugar is processed twice. It is not a strong as backstrap but is dark in color and less sweet than light molasses. It has a thick consistency and is mostly used to make gingerbread. It has about 60 percent sucrose content.

Treacle molasses: This is a pale type and is notably sweeter. It is usually a blend of molasses and refinery syrup. Its color ranges from gold to almost black

Sorghum molasses: This type of molasses comes from the sorghum plant. It is usually unsulphured and is made from the sorghum plant stalk. It is then cooked and refined. It is amber in color and can be used to substitute other sweeteners; generally, it contains about 70 percent sucrose content.

Zambia molasses has no season as it depends on the harvest of sugarcane and sorghum. This generally takes place all year round. Molasses are harvested after sugarcane or sorghum is processed; hence is readily available. 

Molasses is packed by filling a moisture-proof bag with mold while still hot. It then solidifies, and the bag is sealed with a moisture-proof seal. Zambia exports molasses to South Africa and its neighboring countries.

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