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Varieties Popcorn,dent corn,sweet corn,flour corn,pod corn,flint corn
Common names Zea mays
Packing 90kgs
Size 50mm
Availability All year round
Transportation condition 30 degrees Celsius
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Zambia maize, also known as corn, is a monocotyledonous grain first cultivated by Mexicans over 10000 years ago. Belonging to the classification corn maize is known scientifically as Zea mays.

Zambia maize is mainly cultivated between 55 degrees north and 45 degrees south. It thrives best during the warm months that is summertime. It is a common carbohydrate well known for its starchy content. 

Maize was first cultivated in Zambia 6000years ago. It was a human invention and did not grow naturally in the wild unless planted artificially. In Zambia, maize is cooked by boiling, roasting, dry frying, or can be combined with legumes to make delicious meals. It is a delicacy and staple food to many countries worldwide. Maize can also be used to feed livestock after harvest.

There are six major types of maize in Zambia:

Dent corn: This is also known as yellow dent corn. It is called so because of the small indentation at the top of each kernel on every corn ear.

Flint corn: This has a hard outer layer to protect the inner layer. It is said to be hard as a  flint hence the name.

Pod corn: Also known as wild maize, this type of Zambia maize is mutant and forms leaves around each kernel.

Pop corn: This is a variety of corn kernel that pops up and expand when heated. It contains hard seeds with a starchy shell.

Flour corn: This is a type of corn with a soft starchy endosperm with a thin pericarp, which mostly is used to make flour. 

Sweet corn: This is a type of corn with high sugar content. Sometimes it is eaten raw or boiled slightly. 

In Zambia, maize thrives best in summer but requires a substantial amount of rainfall. The optimum temperature for maize growing is 21 to 27 degrees Celcius. The minimum temperature being 10 degrees.

When planted maize seeds take about one week to germinate. Maize can be grown all year round; hence it is not seasonal. It grows up to 16 feet tall at the point of maturity. Sowing of maize is done in row 65 cm to 75 cm apart, where rows are spaced 25 cm apart.

When ready for harvest maize stalks turn from green to brown, the seeds in the kernel are hard. In Zambia, maize is handpicked or mechanically harvested by machines.

After harvest dry maize is packed into 90kgs bags, sealed and stored, ready for transportation. The leading importer of maize from Zambia is the USA followed by Japan and Colombia. 

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