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Produce Zambia rice
Varieties Long grain, short grain, medium grain
Common names Oryza sativa
Packing 90kgs.20kgs,1kg
Size 7.50mm
Availability November December
Transportation condition 30 degrees Celsius
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Zambia rice has been designated as one of the strategic food crops in the country. Rice is one of the oldest domesticated grains dating over 10,000 years ago.

It covers about 10 percent of the world’s cultivated land. Scientifically known as Oryza sativa, rice is the seed of a grass species originally from southern China. It is a monocotyledon.

Zambia Rice is mainly grown in the eastern and northern provinces of Zambia. Beginning in China and its surrounding areas, rice spread to the rest of the world gradually. It now grows in every continent in the world except Antarctica.

Rice is rich in carbohydrates while being low in nitrogenous matter and fats. More than three billion people in the world rely on rice in their daily diet. Rice is a unique plant and can grow in wet areas that other crops can not survive. It is known to contain vitamins such as A, B, and folic acid. 

There are many varieties of rice in Zambia but are classified into three groups. Each has its unique characteristic, taste, and texture. There is long grain, short grain, and medium. 

Long grain rice-This rice has grains that are three times long as they are wide. It has separated grains, is light and fluffy when cooked.

Medium grain rice-This has short, wider grains as compared to long grain. Cooked grains are more tender and moist. It usually sticks together.

Short grain rice-These rice grains are less than two times as long as they are full. This is the type of rice used to make sushi, as it has a very sticky texture when cooked. 

Zambia rice is usually grown in flooded fields. However, rice does not require constant soil moisture to produce. Rice needs abundant sunshine for four months straight, whereby temperatures should not go below 15 degrees Celsius.

The sowing time is between June and July during the cols season then it is harvested in the months of November and December. Planting season takes place before the rainy season when the paddy fields are flooded with rainwater. 

One hundred fifty days after planting, harvesting of rice begins. Paddy harvesting activities start by reaping, stacking, handling, threshing, cleaning, then hauling to get clean white grains. This is done mechanically using machines simultaneously.

Rice is harvested three times a year, with some countries like Indonesia harvesting 4 to 5 times a year. Harvested rice is then packed into 90kg, and 20 kgs woven bags ready for export or even local consumption. India is the leading importer of rice from Zambia, with China following closely. 

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