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Produce Benin wood
Common NameLumbar
SeasonAll year round
Storage and Packing In stacks off the ground, away from moisture and direct sunlight, horizontal packing for wet wood, cartons, direct loading on trucks
Variety Soft wood, hard wood
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Benin wood is the fifth leading export produce. Wood export in Benin accounts for 5.3 % of the total export with a value of 50 million USD. 

Wood is a fibrous, porous, structural tissue found in the stems and roots of trees and other plants. It is made of three main substances, cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose. Cellulose makes up about 50% of wood. The amount of lignin differs in softwood and hardwood. Softwood has about a third of lignin, while hardwood gas about a fifth of it.

The use of wood is dated back to pre-historic times. Wood is used in the construction industry to build houses and structures. It is also used to make furniture, weapons and tools. Wood is also essential in the production of paper as it is used as a raw material.

There are many types of wood, each suited for a specific purpose. Ensure you choose the right kind of wood as it goes a long way to determine how beautiful and strong your final product will be. There are two main kinds of wood in Benin, softwood and hardwood.

Softwood is obtained from coniferous plants such as the cedars, cypresses, and pines. Softwood is very easy to work with and is mainly used in the furniture industry. They grow faster than hardwood making them more available all your round. They are also more affordable since they can easily be found.

Hardwood on the hand can be found on dicot trees such as maples and oak trees. These trees are mostly found in the tropical forest. This kind of wood is much denser than the softwood and therefore produces more durable products.

Benin wood is harvested all year round. This is because the country has a good forest cover to allows reforestation to take place and plantation cover that allows wood production to flow throughout the year. The stems and roots harnessed during the harvest of other crops can be cut and processed to be used as wood.

It is important to store wood properly to prevent warping and damage. Proper storage also ensures you don’t end up with too much wood you cannot use. Wood should be stored in stacks off the ground, away from rain or direct sunlight. Ensure you don’t store undried wood in the house or a closed room as its moisture pollutes the humidity.

Lumbar should be arranged vertically during storage to save space. However, if the wood is not dry, it should be kept horizontal until it dries up. Always remember to support the wood both at the top and the bottom to prevent bowing.

Wood does not require any special packaging before it is shipped into the market. It is directly loaded onto trucks and trailers and tied tightly together to ensure it stays compact on transit. Smaller pieces of wood can be shipped in cartons and boards.

Open semi-trailers are used in the shipping of lumbar to the market. These trailers are designed with sturdy metal brackets at the back and front with vertical rails to secure the wood. The rear and front wheels are supported by a single metal beam to offer support and weight distribution.

It is essential to expose wood to the air to ensure it is completely dried up before it gets to the market. Dry lumber has a relatively low market value. In the case of transport by water, the wood is elevated to prevent damage by water. Large pieces of wood can be cut into barges before they are transported.

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