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Produce Cameroon Cocoa Butter
Varieties Forastero Crillo Trinitario
Common Names Theobroma oil
Packing Plastic bags
Availability (Season) October - January
Transportation ConditionsStandard containers Controlled temperatures between 17°C - 37°C
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A long time ago, you would find the words cocoa butter in the foods section of a supermarket, in recent years you’re more likely to encounter cocoa butter in the health and skincare section. The Cameroon cocoa butter is mostly used in food, therapy, and in the manufacturing of cosmetics. 

Cocoa butter is a pure edible fat that is processed from cocoa beans. Cocoa butter makes up more than 50% of the composition of cocoa beans. The harnessing of cocoa butter is done by pressing already stripped and roasted cocoa beans to produce the butter. Cocoa butters’ high percentage of fatty acids, an ingredient that makes it useful in the cosmetic industry for the restoration and nourishing of the skin. 

The Cameroon government launched an ambitious project to construct more cocoa processing factories in the country. In the small town of Kekem, a processing plant with a 32,000 tons capacity annually was recently launched. 

Europe and Asia are the leading markets for Cameroon cocoa butter. European countries prefer Cameroon’s cocoa beans due to the higher amount of cocoa butter they produce. Currently, out of the more than 200,000 tons of cocoa produced in Cameroon, just over 30,000 tons are processed in the country. While cocoa is mostly grown by small scale farmers, the processing is done by established companies. 




A hybrid of the forastero and crillo varieties produce trinatario. For the Cameroon market, Forastero is the most prevalent variety. It is preferred due to its hardy nature and delicious flavor. Most of the cocoa butter in the country is therefore extracted from this variety.

The cocoa butter season in Cameroon depends largely on the availability of cocoa beans in the country. In general, cocoa beans season starts from August to July with peaks from October to January. Most of Cameroon’s cocoa is grown in tropical regions. 

Cocoa beans are harvested manually since they are highly delicate. The beans are roasted and stripped to produce cocoa nibs. The cocoa nibs are then ground, which forms cocoa liquor. Further processing creates cocoa butter. The cocoa butter in Cameroon is packaged in sealed plastic bags and put into cartons.

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