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Varieties Oryza sativa Oryza gaberrima Nerica
Common NamesRice
Packing Gunny bags
Size 1mm-2mm
Availability (Season) Throughout the year
Transportation Conditions Controlled temperatures of -10°C
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Cameroon rice is one of the crops that make Agriculture an integral part of Cameroon’s economy, accounting for over 40% of the GDP. Rice in Cameroon makes about 10% of staple food in the country. Cameroonians love their rice; three out of four families consume rice more than three times a week. 

Archeological evidence suggests that rice was first cultivated in the Asian regions more than 8000 years ago. Depending on the areas it is grown, rice has slightly different scientific names. Oryza Sativa is rice found in Asia, while Oryza glaberrima refers to rice grown in Africa. Rice is among the top five in the list of the most consumed foods in the world. 

Rice is classified in the same group of cereals, such as wheat and maize. In most tropical regions, rice grows as a perennial plant, although it is cultivated annually in other areas. The rice plant is characterized by a stem that has a number of tillers. Rice is produced as the root of the plant. 

The main rice-producing regions in Cameroon are Maga and Yagoua in the north. At the turn of the new millennium, the country’s rice sector experienced a surge in production numbers. Investments from external investors such as the Asian company IKO have helped further boost the industry. The demand for rice compared to other foods in Cameroon is vast due to its relatively competitive price. 

At the moment, Cameroon is rice import-dependent, and estimates indicate that Cameroon imports up to 80% of the locally consumed rice. However, the industry is on a recent upturn. The government has relaunched subsidies, and other factors such as demand and labor will spur the industry. 

The main varieties of rice are Oryza glaberrima and Oryza sativa. Oryza glaberrima is the most prevalent variety in Cameroon. This variety is desirable for its weather and disease resistant qualities. 

Researchers in Cameroon are doing a great job of coming up with better cultivation methods and new varieties. Back in 2013, the local agricultural research team came up with a unique variety named Nerica, which takes three months to mature and does not irrigation. 

The rice season in Cameroon runs throughout the year since it is mostly a perennial crop in this part of the world. 

Rice in Cameroon is cultivated in various ecosystems. The three significant ecosystems are;

Rainfed ecosystem 

Irrigated ecosystem

Mangrove swamp irrigation ecosystem

Rice harvesting is mostly a manual process in Africa. This is done by the use of simple farm tools such as hoes and sickles. Rice in Cameroon is normally packaged in gunny bags ready for transport. 

Up until 2015, the primary export market for Cameroon rice was neighboring Nigeria. Surplus rice is supplied to all parts of the world. 

The last few years have witnessed great investments and policy changes to favor the growth of rice in Cameroon. Currently, the farmers are benefitting from the growth of the crop, and you can now source for Cameroon rice through this platform. Start today!


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