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We provide high quality Ethiopia ironweed oil to the local and export market. We source the raw materials for the fresh Ethiopia ironweed oil from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia ironweed oil comes from the plant ironweed (Vernonia galamensis) which is a species that grows naturally in Eastern Africa. The plant comes from many areas of Ethiopia and neighboring Kenya. It thrives in form of shrubs that are capped with purple flowers. Though certain types have edible roots, leaves and roots, many are inedible. The most characteristic parts of the plant other than the flowers are the stems which are quite tough and erect. Some species are possible to use as fencing material as the grow in elegant well grouped couples with beautiful flowers.

The Ethiopia plant, for instance, is grown mainly for its oil that goes into the production of plastic, paints, rubber and other drying materials. Also common as vernonia oil, it has plenty of vernolic acid, which is a fatty acid. It is the ingredient that makes it a viable industrial oil.

We source ironweed for processing from family growers in the eastern regions of Ethiopia. Though the plant grows as a shrub in the wild, we usually seek for the cultivated types. Each of our family growers has a medium plot of land of no more than 1.5 hectares.

We extract Ethiopia ironweed oil using solvent extraction method. Instead of hexane, a common vegetable oil solvent, we go for the soybean solvent. We first press the crushed seeds through a cold press. The filtered impure oil then combines with the higher percentage of soybean solvent. The continuous processing leads to a separation between the two liquids, and the eventual collection of the now pure ironweed product.

The solvent also helps to separate the ironweed oil from the fatty acids that may reduce the effectiveness of the main natural nutrients. One of these is trivernolin, which we maintain by continued solvent separation. The final distillation leaves a clear liquid that needs no further processing. It is usually ready for packing after cooling for the production of plastic materials and as an additive in drying agents.

We pack the industrial Ethiopia ironweed oil in jerry can and gallons of varying liters. We pack from 1 liter to 15 liters per piece. If you like we can offer any other packages between and over this limit.

We store Ethiopia ironweed oil at temperature above 5° Celsius. We keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct lighting. We also transport it in the same temperatures to ensure that it arrives in the best condition.

If you are seeking an industrial oil product, then you have got the right suppliers of Ethiopia ironweed oil. All our packages come in clear labels that indicate the manufacturing date and the expiry. We offer quantities that suit your specific needs, whether you are in the paint or plastic business. Our prices also parallel your budget as they are fair and charged by tonnage. Make an order today!

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