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Produce Djibouti coffee
Varieties Mocha, long berry, short berry
Packing 60kg-70kg fiber bags, valve sealed bags,
Size 6mm-7mm
Season October, November, December, January, February
Storage 10-20 degrees celsius
Transport conditions 10-20 degrees celsius away from frost
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Djibouti coffee is among the countries leading agricultural export.

Djibouti is the 193rd largest export economy of coffee in the world. Being a relevantly small populated country, it mainly relies on the trade of coffee. The Coffee plant is a short plant that grows up to 13 feet.  the coffee plant is evergreen described as shrubs with multiple stems and smooth leaves. The trees can live for up to thirty years producing coffee beans. Coffee from Djibouti is mostly known for its rich aroma and flavor. It has a strong scent that is distinct and beautifully rich.

There are three types of coffee from Djibouti, namely mocha, long berry, and short berry. The three types are all farmed in the rural parts of Djibouti. The farmers’ relly wholely on the practice for their daily income. The farming and harvesting are thoroughly done manually, making the farmers 100% depended on them. Export is done all across the country because of the quality of coffee from Djibouti, which is usually not overly acidic and is right on the taste buds.

Long berry is known to have the biggest beans. The flavor is top-notch alongside its value. Long berry takes the front seat at all the excellent coffee can offer. The short berry is smaller in size, but its value is nowhere close to its size. It is unique, holding a distinct flavor that’s inviting to all the coffee drinkers. The chocolate lovers are always drawn to mocha because of its spicy, chocolatey, citrus scent that is identified by its unique feature of two beans.

Farmers prepare adequately prior to the harvest because it occurs once a year, and it is mostly huge, taking up to six months. The practice is always done by hand, where the farmers handpick the ripped berries that are just right. After the harvest, the berries are then taken to the washing stations to be processed while farmers from within must sundry the cherries themselves then remove the pods.

Packing and transporting of coffee is very specific to sustain the value of the coffee. Freshly grounded beans and whole bean coffee are packed in valve sealed bags. While being transported, the coffee is kept away from frost and at a temperature of 10-20 degrees to make sure Djibouti coffee gets to its destination at its best state.

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