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Produce Mauritius beet sugar
Varieties Beta vulgaris
Common Names Sugar beets
Packing boxes containing 12 beets per customer requirements
Size between 0.5 and 1 kg (1.1 and 2.2 lb) a height of about 35 cm (14 in)
Availability (season) Between September and December
Transportation Conditions transported when dry in conditions that are not humid
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Ever heard of the sweet Mauritius beet sugar?  Among the oldest vegetables that have been grown are the beets. Their ability to be a source of sugar was recognized as early as the 16th century. After the abolishment of slavery and slave trade and the compensation of those who had lost slaves, the milling industry in Mauritius grew and mostly in sugar mills. From their discovery as sources of sugar, varieties of the crop that contains high levels of sugar have been developed. 

Mauritius beet sugar is mainly commercially grown for sucrose production. They are grown on a large scale for factories that are sugar producers. In Mauritius, they are grown in the eastern provinces on a large scale. They are also grown in the southern region of the country, which is much warmer by small scale farmers who produce them for commercial purposes or to be used as silage for their farms. 

The plants mature in 90-120 days after planting, and they do well when the day temperatures are between 60 and 80 degrees F while they prefer 40-50 degrees F night temperatures for maximum production. Cold seasons lead to stunted growth, thus the reason they do well in the summer seasons.  They do well in deep soils that allow free root expansion. They do well in soils that have humus and that are well-drained to avoid root rot, which causes enormous losses to the farmers. They grow to the maximum in soils that preserve moisture and enables growth throughout the growing period. They are affected by lands that are rich in alkalis, and they require a minimum annual rainfall of 400mm for maximum production though they are also produced in irrigation schemes.  

As compared to other sources of sugar, such as sugarcane, which grows exclusively in the tropical and subtropical zones, the beets grow only in the temperate zone. 

They are then harvested with two primary pieces of equipment. The defoliator removes the green leaves and slices a slab from the top of the sugar beetroot. The sugar beetroot is then harvested with a pinch wheel harvester, which pinches the root and lifts from the soil. After they are harvested, beets are typically transported to a factory. At the factory, the beets are sorted according to size and packed for export. The packaging is done according to the clients’ needs and the use of the beets.

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