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Varieties SC 727 SC 719 SC 649 SC 637 SC 627
Common Names Maize
Packing Sacks
Availability (season) April-June
Transportation Conditions No lower limit – Max temperature of 30°c
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Zimbabwe maize is a key crop that bears importance to the people of Zimbabwe. It is for this simple reason that maize is the staple food in Zimbabwe. At one point in time, it was estimated that Zimbabwe accounted for 10% of the maize grown in Africa. 

Maize or corn, as it is known in some parts of the world, belongs to the biological family Gramineae. Maize takes the crown of being the most cultivated crop on earth. Maize is used in creating ethanol, produce animal feeds, among other maize products. A fun fact to remember is that maize actually grows in the wild in some parts of the world. 

Data indicates that for almost two decades from the early 1960s, Zimbabwe was a net exporter of maize. Zimbabwe averaged a yearly export of about 400,000 tons. 

The land reforms of the early 2000s, which were spearheaded by the government, led to instability in the agricultural sector and, consequently, a drop in maize production. This saw Zimbabwe leap from a net exporter to a net importer of maize. Zimbabwe also experiences periodic drought, which minimizes the potential of maize production.

There are tons and tons of different maize varieties, and newer ones are creeping up daily. The type of maize grown in Zimbabwe depends mainly on the amount of rainfall that an area receives and other factors such as;

  • Altitude and air temperature
  • Soil fertility
  • Planting date
  • Length of the growing season. 

The SC 727 variety is the most commonly found variety of maize in Zimbabwe. This variety can grow in dry or irrigated land. The SC 727 variety is also ideal since it ensures that farmers get the highest yield at an average of 21 tons per hectare. 

Other popular maize varieties in Zimbabwe include;

  • SC 719
  • SC 649
  • SC 637
  • SC 627

These varieties are also highly drought and disease resistant. 

Maize is regarded as one of the least demanding cash crops from the planting stages to the harvesting period. The planting period typically starts in November at the onset of the rains. The timing of the planting has to be on time; otherwise, a farmer might not harvest high yields. Rainfall of more than 500mm is ideal. 

Harvesting of maize is done by hand in most of the small-scale farms, and in more mechanized farms, machines are used. The maize is then sundried and packed. Packaging of maize in Zimbabwe is mostly in 90Kgs sacks to keep it dry. 

The Zimbabwe maize sector seems to be finally getting back to its glory years. The government has stepped in to reinstate subsidies, and international players have also invested in the market. 

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