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Kenya mango puree in bowl

Kenya Mango Puree in a  Bowl

We source, supply and export finest quality grade Mango Pulp, Purees and Concentrates from Kenya. We supply in bulk to countries all over the world.

Our supply partners / processor companies use of state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality controls over all the production processes.

About Kenya Mango Juice Concentrate, Mango Pulp & Mango Puree

Over 90% of Mango Juice Concentrate, Mango Pulp & Mango Puree processed in Kenya is from smallholder-sourced mangoes.

The main mango varieties that are processed in Kenya are the Apple and Ngowe varieties . Apple mango has the highest sugar content and a Juice yield % of 71.34 % ±1.59 and a Brix Value of ºBx 23.9±0.21 while the Ngowe variety has a Juice yield % of 67.64 % ±5.70 and a Brix Value of ºBx 23.1±0.42. Ngowe mango is very similar to the Indian Totaturi Mango and the resultant pulps are equally similar.

Mango Puree:

The mango puree is made both from Ngowe and Apple varieties from carefully selected and handpicked fruits.

The main processing stages of the fruit are : washing, destoning / pulp extraction, refining, decantation, deaeration, sterilization and finally aseptic filling to ensure that the mango puree is packed under sterile conditions thus maintaining the integrity of the product and the shelf life.

Mango Concentrate:

Just like the Mango puree, the mango concentrate is processed from both Ngowe and Apple mangoes.

The additional processes in the production of the concentrate are the homogenization and sterilization with the resultant puree being fed into an evaporator.

All through the entire process, the integrity of the concentrate is preserved and retains the appealing colour of a ripe mango fruit and the characteristic mango flavor and taste.

Best used in products such as juices, smoothies, nectar, jams, puddings, yogurt and ice creams.

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