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Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya African honey to the local and export market. We source our Kenya African honey from family growers in Kenya.

African honey is one of the rarest products in the world and focus is shifting towards it in the 21st century courtesy of the need to improve the health of the masses as honey is a medicine, besides playing the vital role of continuing dying life-cycles.

According to the United Nations, keeping bees from Africa the same way they had been before commercial agriculture deprived them of their natural nectar can feed the global population. This is because they transfer pollen into plants which in turn grow fruits and fodder for people and living organisms. In return, the bees improve their nectar with the taste of their honey deriving from the aroma of minerals and scent of flowers in which they help place nectar.

Kenya African honey derives from the African honey bee that goes by the botanical name apis mellifera scutellata. Their very first habitat on record is the central and southern regions of Africa. The species thrives mostly today in the horn of Africa including Kenya and Central Africa. It has also spread to other tropical climates including South and North America through the agency of the Africanized bee subspecies. The slang name for these beneficial insects is ‘killer bee’ because of their fast reaction to the intrusion of their beehives.

International demand for honey from Kenya has increased of late but with it has come the need to provide 100% pure product. This is to ensure that the energy-giving product comes primarily from natural forests in the heart of Kenya far from commercial crop production.

The secret to the popularity of Kenya African honey is not just the sweetness or the thick syrupy content, but a range of nutritional benefits that include:

Energy giving: Taking honey after a race is almost like taking a dose of glucose. No wonder many athletes owe many thanks for their performance to regular partaking of honey.

Prevention of tumors and cardiac diseases: Due to the lush presence of flavonoids and antioxidants, African honey is key to avoiding heart disease or cancer.

Improved sleep and cough relief in babies: Studies have shown that a teaspoonful of honey to young ones can be as good as cough medicine in babies besides being a natural sleep medicine.

Fighting bacteria and other microorganisms: Courtesy of the enzymes that bees produce as the building block for hydrogen peroxide, a natural agent that fights bacteria, the body is able to react strongly to infections.

Ulcer relief: a regular intake of this product can bring down ulcers and other stomach problems due to the antibacterial and stress-relief benefits above.

Other benefits of African honey form Kenya include reducing blood sugar levels for diabetics because the sugar in the product is not artificial but high glucose, which keeps the body in shape by reducing the impact of bad sugars. Additionally, it helps cure cuts as well as burns owing to its fast drying process on the wound combined with its antibacterial abilities.

Bees are always evolving and migrating in different places in Kenya and therefore honey is available throughout the year depending on the source. Our family beehive keepers usually keep theirs in traditional hog beehives as well as more modern types. Either way, they help conserve the hard work of the insects whereby a single bee has but six weeks to live before leaving behind as little as a quarter of a syrup spoon worth of honey.

The storage of Kenya African honey in airtight jars can lead to preservation for many months without it going bad. This owes to the antibacterial components of the honey that makes it withstand the onset of decomposition as in other products in syrup form.

If you are in need of this refreshingly golden product in its unadulterated form right from the tropical forests of Kenya, then contact Selina Wamucii for a taste of unforgettable African honey. Place and order, we are listening!

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